Beginning a Blog

To be quite honest, blogging has always been something that I have enjoyed as a spectator, but never as a participant. I love to read, especially when it’s based on a content that is going to teach me something (shout out to the nonfiction and self help books that frequent my library card).  And since I am an admitted people person this goes even further if it’s going to be written by, or about, someone that I find interesting, admire or is in my life. So blogs are kinda right up my ally as far as reading material goes, but I never really

considered writing one of my own until this past year when I found myself newly married to the man of my dream (big sigh!). As my husband, Matt, and I braved our way down a path that many have been down before us (marriage in general) but at the same time no one has taken except us (our own marriage) we quickly learned that support from other christian married couples is key. Having others travel that road with you to get advice from, listen to and share experiences with is something so crucial to both spouses well being, as a whole and as individuals.
 Newly married and living in Lexington, KY all by ourselves we began reaching out and getting active in our church.Maybe it’s also because of the stage of life that I find myself in, but the books that had been jumping out to me as well were about marriage, relationships and family. I also started browsing the web to begin looking up blogs and other resources about the same topics, and what I found was few and far between. The material that I did find though, has brought so much joy, hope and perspective to my own life and marriage that I resolved to begin my own blog, believing that maybe our stories could do the same for another young married couple out there. 
There was a tiny problem though… For as much as an extrovert as I am, I am also a considerably private and cautious person. Unless you are one of my very nearest and dearest, in terms of friends and family, I will not divulge the deepest inner workings of my life to you. Quite frankly, the only ones who ever truly hear about any issues I am having in my life, and how I am feeling about them, is my God, my husband and my diary. Basically, to start up this online link into my personal life was (and still is) a big deal for me. I don’t know how people will take what I have to say; if they will agree or disagree. The world can be such a critical place, and I am a very sensitive and fragile person. But I want to be a blessing to others just as others have been to me. And I know that through my God I can have the strength to stand for what I believe in, and share our tales of what we go through that someone else may be able relate; the beautiful and the ugly. 
So this is a personal step of faith. To my readers, I hope you find encouragement and realization that you are not alone. That whatever you might think is not normal in your life, your relationships, or your marriage is the exactly opposite.. completely 100% normal! 🙂 
Much love,

One thought on “Beginning a Blog

  1. Blair I love that you are doing this! It takes a strong person to be honest with not just them self but with the world! I want to tell you that you and Matt are an inspiration to me, as Stephen and I will be going down the road of marriage! As you stated it is very helpful to hear some one who has made similar decisions and to learn from there experience as well as your own! In a world where people are very judgmental and overly critical its us very nice to know some one feels the way you do! I admire you and matt in the sence that you did what was right for you despite what others thought, I can only hope that Stephen and I are as happy as you two! Although I have no doubts that we will be, for there is no better feeling than that of the love of your husband __Rayne soon to be Dumford ❤

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