The First Pomeroy Family Budget Committee Meeting

This past Sunday Matt and I hosted our first official Pomeroy Family Budget Meeting. The main reason being that we have been going through the Dave Ramsey class, Financial Peace University (FPU) with our life group at church. The lesson we had just finished was all about setting a budget and sticking to it, and the homework was to start our first budget as well as call our first budget committee meeting! Along with this came all the tip, tricks and spread sheets needed to build a realistic budget for our family. Not to mention, the next day would be Monday, October 1st, the beginning of a brand new month, and so it seemed like the most opportune time to begin our brand new budget!
As we left the class, and made our way home that night we, Matt and I decided to swing by Graeter’s to pick up some ice cream to make our meeting would be a little more enjoyable, as well as have one last treat before starting this new chapter in our finances. As odd as it may sound, anticipation and excitement grew inside the both of us as we neared our home. Matt and I were about to embark on something that we’d never done before. It’s not that our family has never had a budget, we’ve had many a budgets in the past 13 months of our marriage, and even during our engagement as we saved for our wedding together. The problem was finding the balance between the frugal and fun, spending and saving. Little did we know one of the main keystones was right under our nose the entire time!
It may sound a bit silly to call a family budget meeting, or to call a family meeting at all to some folks, but the fact of the matter is by using this strategy it not only sets the serious tone for the meeting, but also builds unity between you are your partner; you two are the only members in your little family committee! It’s like back when you were a kid and in a secret club with your best friend. Only you two knew the top secret information or could do the secret handshake. Same thing here, only as  married adults, and instead it’s with your VERY best friend of all time,  your soul mate and partner in crime for life; now tell me how much better is that?!?!!
Also, by calling a family meeting it ensures that you both know the basics as to what topics are going to be discussed and that the information, emotions and goals shared will be remembered. As opposed to talking about them during, or in between, the distracting points of your day, such as while you’re watching TV, in the car or out to dinner. Not to mention you are in the privacy of your own home, where you can be comfortable, and secure in the fact that you have your spouses full attention, and your spouse has yours. All around, it helps to bring the goals that both you and your spouse have into focus, and then make decisions together about which ones you are going to go after first, as well as which ones to wait on.
On top of all those amazing benefits already, it also initiates a new family tradition that you are your spouse created together! Which for Matt and I is a BIG deal since we are young newly weds, and all our family traditions have been ones passed down to us throughout the generations of our family. So knowing that we created a family tradition, as well as day dreaming about our children, grandchildren and great grand children one day using it with their families and having fond memories about it when think on past times shared together, really puts a smile on our faces and warmth in our hearts.
As we sat at our dining room table with all of our handy tools ready to go and the notebook that we had scrounged up from inside the bottom of one of the desk drawers,which we named The Pomeroy Family Budget Committee Meeting Notebook.. very official huh lol,so that we could jot down valuable topics discussed and dittos to jog our memory on ideas that we wanted to remember, Matt took my hands and opened us with prayer. This simplistic, to the point prayer that he prayed over our home, family, and finances  is one of the moments that I know I will cherish when thinking back on this initial family budget meeting because it’s already seared on my heart and in my head now.
… and then he ordered that the meeting was now officially in session, and thanked Graeter’s for sponsoring, as he took a big scoop out of his pint! haha (I know my husband is a hoot!.. or he at least he makes me laugh, extremely and embarrassingly hard, out loud, and sometimes in public, on a daily basis).
We poured ourselves over the numbers. Filling in every slot. Making sure every ounce of currency was accounted for, down to the very last penny, and that we, ideally, knew where every last cent would be going.  It took us well over 2 hours, possibly longer, along with a few light bulb moments, a few “I told you so’s” followed by equal amounts of “I’m sorry’s” and a whole heap full of kisses to complete our first budget meeting together, but we did it!.. and best of all we have a fully complete, ready to go budget that we both had equal input into planning, and so far have been able to stick to for the first week of the month!
As for this upcoming week, we are planning on taking the next step and getting real intense, with learning how to manage our money, by starting an old fashioned envelope system! That’s right folks! Matt and I will be the people at the grocery store that you don’t necessarily want to be in line behind, since we will be paying in cash and coin, as well as pulling out our pencil and paper to balance how much money we have left in that certain area for the week.
Plainly put, we are beginning to live out a biblical way of spending, and working God’s money to grow His kingdom in the belief that we will see His will  be done in our lives, as well as those around us,one step at a time.
Much Love,

2 thoughts on “The First Pomeroy Family Budget Committee Meeting

  1. I continue to be not only in awe of the two of you but also inspired by you. I will be looking into this program and possibly developing my own budget. It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, lol. May God's wisdom, mercy, and abundant love continue to bless you both.You are always in my prayersLaura

  2. Laura,First off sorry it took me SO long to respond back. Life is extremely busy for us as of late with me getting through school and Matt beginning his career. Second, I would not call you an "old dog" by any means, but a beautiful wise woman of God! 🙂 I think that is is awesome that you are going to look into FPU, it is a great financial plan that is Biblically based (as you know) and is super easy to follow, if you choose to follow it.. which is the harder part lol It means so much that you find some inspiration in our marriage and what we share here with the world. That was, after all, the whole reason I started blogging in the first place, and it just means so much that God can is using our experiences to enrich the lives of others, including our dear loved ones (which you are one of those people as you know). We love and miss you Laura. Hope you are getting settled in South Carolina! Matt and Blair

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