Finding Your Umbrella

Kentucky weather is notorious for being unpredictable. It fluctuates from warm, dry and humid one day to cold and rainy the next. I have lived in Kentucky my entire life and know quite well that this is to be expected but for some reason this spring seemed to have more then the average amount of storms in the forecast. It wasn’t just literal thunder storms either that seemed to be constantly upon my family, but rather a good amount of personal ones as well. All spring it has felt like we would go through some type of heartbreak, only to be met by another one as soon as the current one seemed to be passing. The most recent situation we found ourselves in was the unexpected death of my uncle which Matt and I found out about through a phone call one night as we were leaving Bible study. In moments of crisis what is truly important in life becomes clear. You do not think about what is on your agenda for tomorrow because whatever you had planned does not matter compared to what is taking place at that moment. For this reason Matt and I had decided that night I would leave Lexington immediately to go support and console my family in Northern Kentucky. The silence had overtaken me that night as I was driving back home, and all I could do to fill it was pray and sing to my God; the only one who could heal all this hurt that was taking place in my life and the lives of those I loved most and held dearest. When I had left Lexington the skies were a dark clear midnight blue but about half way through my trip they started to change. The once still soft night air turned tumultuous and irritable. I could feel my little car begin to sway from the winds power as big fat raindrops began to fall on the windshield. This was the last thing I needed. In the midst of my prayers I found myself begging with God to hold back the rain, to keep the wind at bay, just until I got to my mawmaw’s house, just until it was safe…just until I would feel safe. In that moment He spoke to me these words “Blair, I can’t hold back the rain. You live in a world where the rain falls and the wind blows and that is never going to change…. but you are safe because I you are mine. Wont you please just trust me and allow me to guide you and protect you when the storms come?!?! I love you and I want you to depend on my care… Let my be your umbrella.” I can tell you from personal experience that so much peace comes to the heart that has unwavering faith in God and truly believes in His promises; He really will get you through even the bleakest storms that life can bring. So whatever is going on in life today, whatever storm you are facing, allow God to be your umbrella and put your full trust in His guidance. You might get a little wet, accidentally step in a puddle or even feel the wind rush over you chilling you to the bone but have full confidence that no harm will come to you because you belong to God and He always takes care of  His own, leading them safely through until the very last raindrop has fallen from the sky and the sun begins to shine once again.

Psalms 32:7 You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. 

Much Love,


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