DIY Hand Stamped Jewelry

I’ve always thought that hand stamped jewelry was very endearing, heartfelt and authentic because of the time and patience it takes to stamp each letter into the metal. Like wise, I always thought it would make for a very memorable gift to give those that you cherish most in life. So this year for Mothers Day Matt and I decided that we would literally try our hand at it, and make necklaces for our Mommas to show them just how much we appreciate all the hard work, love and dedication they devoted to raising us both up into the people that we are today. Personally, there really is no amount of gifts or words I could say that would truly express all the gratitude and admirations I have for my Mother in law for helping to shape and define my husband’s character into the absolutely amazing, God fearing, hard working, trustworthy, dependable and loving man he is today; the man I am so honored to be married to for life! But I figured that this would be a small token to express my thankful heart, and that hopefully, it would be a reminder to her every time she wears it of just how grateful I am that she chose to follow the calling put on her life to be a mother Matt. Therefore making my life, and the others lives he has impacted, that much sweeter.  I am blessed beyond words to call her my MomPom (a term of endearment I have nicknamed her because our last name is Pomeroy, so I don’t get her and my own momma confused  when they are together, since they are friends and hang out with Matt and I a lot) and to know that much like my own mother, she will always be there as a wiser, older woman to offer counsel when needed. Therefore I dedicate this post to these two wonderful women in my life, who have become two of the most genuine friends I could ever ask for.

Much Love,


Our Momma's with their Mother's day gifts from Matt and I this year
Our Momma’s with their Mother’s day gifts from Matt and I this year

P.S. – Sorry to all my readers for the lack of pictures to go along with the instructions. This was my my first attempt at making hand stamped jewelry and thus I got caught up in my work forgetting to take some photos that would better describe what I was talking about. I promise this will not be the only piece of stamped jewelry I make and therefore will post an updated version of this tutorial with pictures that can better show what I am talking about in the directions. 🙂

The necklace I made for my MomPom that says "Thank you for raising the man of my dream".
The necklace I made for my MomPom that says “Thank you for raising the man of my dream”.
The necklace that Matt gave my momma that says "Thank  you for raising the girl of my dreams".
The necklace that Matt gave my momma that says “Thank you for raising the girl of my dreams”.
Now they have semi- matching necklaces :)
Now they have semi- matching necklaces 🙂

Hand Stamped Jewelry


  • Bench Block; doesn’t matter if it is steel or plastic
  • Cast Iron Letter Stamp Set
  • Hammer
  • Jewelry Polish Pads
  • Permanent Black Marker – I prefer Sharpie
  • Circular Metal Blanks
  • Jump Rings
  • Chain Necklace


  1. Decide on the size and color metal blank that you would like and place it on your bench block.
  2. Next, based on the words or phrase that you would like to stamp into your metal blank, choose the appropriate letter from the cast iron stamp set.
  3. Place the letter stamp on the exact location that you would like it to appear on your metal blank, and using the hammer, gently but firmly pound the letter into the blank. Make sure that you have a steady hand while hitting the stamp with the hammer so that the letter will not move, therefore making the print appear slurred instead of clear.
  4. Continue this process until you have stamped the entire message into the blank.
  5. Now take the permanent marker and draw over the words that you have stamped in the the metal blank, making sure to really push the ink down into each of the grooves.
  6. Briefly allow the ink to dry for a few seconds and then take the jewelry polish pad and buff off the excess ink that you do not want on the metal blank. This might take a few minutes to completely remove all the extra ink so grab yourself a chair, turn on some music, a movie or your favorite television show while you work on your patience and perseverance muscles lol 😉
  7. Once all the extra ink is removed you should be able to clearly read the message that you engraved into the metal blank.
  8. Take a jump ring and loop it into the hole on the metal blank.
  9. Lastly, take the metal blank, that now has the jump ring strung through it, and string the necklace chain through the jump ring, linking the metal blank to the jump ring.

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