Heart Songs

A little fact about me that many people don’t know, unless you went to high school with me or lived with me in one point of my life or another, is that I am actually a pretty musical person, thanks to my dad and mom who used to sing my sister, Paige, and I to sleep every night. My dad is a great singer, which is a gift that he passed down to my sister and I, and really taught us to value the lyrics of a song just by listening to them.. which is something that I hope to pass onto my children as well. Because of this the lyrics of songs have a real impact on me. They have always been a way for me to find expression for things that I am feeling or thinking that I can’t quite put into words, so much so that I can literally remember specific seasons of my life based on songs that I connected with at the time. As of late there have been many lyrics I have been finding myself connect with from many different artists and genres.. some Christian artists, some secular.. and some that I’m really not sure what their stance is. I don’t know who these songs were written for or what the artists specifically meant when they wrote each one, but I do know what I hear when I listen to them and  who I sing each one to in my own heart.  Listed below are the ones that have been on my heart the most frequently for the last couple months or so. Some of them are brand new and some of them are older.. but they all have messages of  truth and encouragement that speak to me in their own way for unique reasons.

Bethel Music – My Dear: 

 I need to say what my soul is singing.. I need to say what my heart is screaming.. that I love you my dear! Every time I listen to this song I hear just how much God loves me and who He knows me to be.. the true me. He thinks that I am ravishing. That all it takes is just one glimpse and He is completely captivated by me and everything He has called me out to be.. everything He’s created me to be. That I am enough just the way I am..I’m everything He ever wanted and needed me to be!! It reminds me of the way that I am supposed to see myself… that I am to view myself in the way that He views me. It reminds me that He could NEVER forget me.. that He is coming for me because I am His.. and He is mine! He is faithful now and will be for all my days.. he will never change his mind about me, no matter what happens.. I will always be His dear that He loves!

The Afters – Every Good Thing: 

This song makes me remember that every wonderful, aw- inspiring thing comes from above, both the big and the little things. All of it is from THE giver of goodness.. God. This life is His gift to me and it is beautiful.. even my heartaches in life He make beautiful. It reminds me that I need to stay present and engaged in the moments and people that are put in front of me so that I don’t miss what has been given to me.. so that it doesn’t pass me by.  When I sing it I can’t help but have a heart overwhelmed with gratefulness for all that He has done in my life and is still doing with in me!

Dara Maclean – Wanted: 

 Before I was even born God had me in His mind and He had my life already mapped out! Therefore I was always meant to be.. because God doesn’t make mistakes! He had this very time and place chosen specifically for me to live so that I could show His love to those who I come in contact with through the story He has given me! God has marked me and set me apart.. He has my name tattooed on the inside of His palm!! So I don’t have to search for where I belong because I have found it in His arms.. in His love. I have always been wanted by Him and so are You!

Mumford and Sons – Wait: 

 There has been a lot of waiting going on in this season of life for Matt and I.. which is not always easy, but what has been proven to me time and time again is that Gods timing is never too late or too early. So I will kneel down, wait for now… and know my ground..and I will wait.. I will wait for you,Lord.

Mercy Me – You Are I Am: 

 My Husband showed me this song a couple weeks ago and ever since it has stuck with me because of the truth in it. I can’t speak for everyone but I know I have been the one who felt that I was too far out of Gods’ reach.. the one to doubt His love and wonder if He was even there.. if He would even be enough. I have been the one to fall apart and question who He really is. But something amazing happened in those moments where my hurt lead me to shear, raw honesty with God.. I was healed and this song reminds me of that! It reminds me that God will show up every time! That He wants a real relationship with me through His son Jesus Christ and that means He wants to me to tell Him my real feelings, and thoughts.. He wants my truthfulness.. He wants my heart. It reminds me that nothing I can say is too big for God.. that He can handle anything, and that He will prove Himself to me every time because He lives in me through His Holy Spirit and therefore will call me out to be what He has created me to be.. to live the way that He has created me to live.. in total love and freedom with Him, because after all, He is the Great I Am!

Us and Our Daughters – Honey:  

We’ve come such a long long way and I’m not gonna stop what we’ve started.. but I saw it in your eyes today.. a little tired, a little dishearted. But honey, honey, honey hold me tight! Until the morning, morning, morning and it’s light. I think that we’ll be fine.. I think that we’ll be fine. I am inspired by this husband and wife team! They make beautiful music with honest lyrics that are so relatable and uplifting especially when Matt and I are going through something difficult where God is growing us individually as well as in our marriage. It’s just refreshing to listen to a song and know the people who are singing it have been where you are. That they are writing from their own life experiences, from what they have learned and walked through together in their own marriage, so that it can be used as a tool of encouragement to support and lift up others… it’s just beautiful to me. I’m sure that Matt and I have had different growing pains then they have, but to know that they went through something that made them feel the same way I have felt and that they were brought through it and made stronger because of it fills me with such trust and hope. It also just makes me thankful for everything that we have come through and how we have been changed for the better. We’ve had our share of highlights and heartaches but I really wouldn’t change one thing about our story.. not even the smallest detail.. because it was written by God and therefore fits us perfectly.

Jonathan Thulin – Dead Come to Life: 

I am the living dead.. you are the opposite. We’re like fire and ice, only one can survive. My will’s departed. Light is in your eyes reaching to mine. I am a valley of bones, covered in stone.. nothing more than human. Into the unknown body and soul, your calling me good.. only with you the dead come to life!  When I am caught in the crossfires of life and I am paralyzed by my own fear God will hear me when I call out to Him and come to my aid.. He will protect me.  He will quench my thirst for Him.. He will breath life into me and all that I do.. if I only seek Him… each day He will bring me to life, just as He’s been faithful to do the day before because I have accepted the gift of eternal life that He gave me through His son, Jesus, which is the key to becoming truly alive.

Hope you found encouragement from the songs that I shared and how they are being used by God to speak into my life, bringing peace and redemption to my soul.

Much Love,


One thought on “Heart Songs

  1. I know exactly what you mean Devra! Worship was always my favorite time of the service when I was younger, and still is. I love the nights when they have nothing but one big worship service at church during the week, not to say that, I don’t enjoy the messages given just that sometimes it’s a breath of fresh air just to praise our king. That being said, these songs have kind of become my own little worship service to God when I’m getting read in the morning, driving on the way to work or just anywhere else. I’m glad that the Mumford and Son’s song resonated with you and I hope that it gives you guys some encouragement just as it does Matt and I. Love you!

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