America – The Great Idea

As I was driving home last night from work, looking forward to the upcoming four day weekend with my hubby and some wonderful friends, that awaited me a broadcast came on the radio. Evidently, I wasn’t the only American citizen who was pondering the upcoming holiday, and all that it holds in meaning, since the topic being discussed was our countries Independence Day. What the speaker had to say really stuck with me, in the sense that he approached the topic of our countries foundation not as a location, or an origin of people, but as an idea… a great idea! And that this idea is not bound to just our home shores but can be moved to different destinations since it is found in the hearts of those who truly harbor courage and seek for the will of God to be done in their lives and the life of their country. Therefore they set out in search of a place that they could call home, where God would be the one who ruled over all and ultimately His word, His will, and His plan would govern them. So Happy Birthday America and God bless! For you are the great idea that was formed by a people, devoted to their God and the belief that He is the one who is to govern all thing in this universe, including human life. 

To my readers, I would highly recommend that you listen to the broadcast that I am referring to because it truly will give you some hearty food for thought about what the land of the free and the home of the brave really means:{CF11E3CC-875C-43F0-A5A3-357DB7FD5F3A}

I hope everyone has an incredible Independence Day with their loved ones, celebrating the liberty and justice that is uniquely American! 🙂

Much Love,


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