Becoming A Pair of Pomeroys: Design and Print

As some of you might already know Matt’s been using his God-given talent in the graphic arts by designing various items for friends and family for a little over a couple of years now. It wasn’t until recently though that we sat down and really discussed legitimately opening up a small business, and marketing ourselves as such. Not to say that the idea had never come up before, but rather one of us would be willing and the other would have hesitations for some reason or another; this time though was different. Our ideas, viewpoints and opinions on the topic both lined up perfectly. For those of you who are married you know that is not an easy, or merely human, feat. We personally believe it was leading of the Holy Spirit calling us both to use our unique set of talents and abilities to do His will, ultimately bringing glory and honor to Him, through our teamwork as husband and wife. From the beginning there was no doubt in either of our minds that this was God lead, even if we didn’t know exactly what it would turn out to be. There was just a sense of peace over the conversations that transpired as this dream unfolded. As we talked about the ins and outs of what it would take to begin this journey, we quickly realized that God had already provided everything we would need between the two of us. Matt had the creativity that had kept customers happy for years. I had the organization, time management and interpersonal skills to keep everything running at a steady and manageable pace. And we both are warm, compassionate, flexible people who take an interest in fully understanding what others needs are and do our best to seek to meet them. Plus, we would become business partners with our best friend! The one we laugh with, cry with, pray with, are not afraid to tell anything to, and know is in this relationship for life, each other!
Though we definitely felt this was something The Lord had laid out before us, choosing to take the leap of faith, and begin this venture together, was entirely our decision. We both felt very strongly about utilizing our talents to create for families during the hallmark moments that take place during a persons life, such as getting engaged, getting married, graduating, buying a home, having children and much more.The reason being that we are a family and know how meaningful these mile markers in life can be. We love seeing the impact that we have on another families life as these memorable events take place. We love being able to serve them in a unique and significant way through being apart of something that is important to them and bigger than ourselves. We love being able to use the skills we have been blessed with to provide others with a one of a kind, high quality product that they will cherish, reflect on and evoke warm loving memories from every time they come across it. We love getting to represent what it means to be considerate, honest, hardworking and ultimately run a business of integrity in a world that seems to be growing more distant from these values. And of course we utterly enjoy getting to be a living example of how ones spouse is their greatest supporter, encourager and teammate in all of life’s great adventures!
As for deciding on a name to go by we wanted something that spoke truth about how we are a husband and wife team. Something that alluded to how it takes the two of us working side by side, giving our all, to keep everything, not only in this business but our life, functioning in perfect order. Something that would evoke warmth and a sense of home, not only in us but our customers as they came to know our little family on a more personal level. A name that we could be identified with in the business world that would speak volumes about our beliefs, morals and values which we hold not only as business partners, but as a family. Thus, A Pair of Pomeroys: Design & Print was born!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to see what God brings out of this new facet in our relationship, whether that be rapid success or moderate, modest development; we really have no set expectations. Although, one thing is certain to come of this endeavor, and that is exponential growth in our marriage, strengthening and deepening the bonds between the two of us on a level that we have never breached before! And In our opinion that is the greatest gain we could ever ask for!

Much Love,
Matt & Blair

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