Last First Day of School Jitters

I have always been the sort of person that enjoyed school growing up. I loved everything about it. From shopping for brand new school supplies, to learning new and exciting things, to meeting and making new friends, even to the way the old textbooks smelled was a treasure trove of enjoyment to me, but nothing compared to the first day of school! The exciting feeling of waking up that morning and not knowing what exactly to expect, except that whatever the next year held was bound to be wonderful has always been a point of exhilaration in my life.  This past Wednesday I had my very last first day of school as a student, and my very first day of school as a student-teacher! It was exciting and slightly sad all at the same time. To think that my college career at The University of Kentucky is quickly coming to a close and the beginning of my teaching career is fast approaching is of course a momentous thought. At the same time though, to think that something that I have worked so hard for, for so long is about to be completed and a new era of my life is about to start is also a bit nerve wrecking. There is so much unknown. So much unseen. So much newness ahead. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about. Sometimes it seems like too much change to take in at once.

Then I remember what the first day of school is like. The excitement that comes with the first morning of not exactly knowing what will take place that day, that week, that month or even that year, but having the assurance that whatever it is, is bound to be wondersome. That through the new experiences and challenges I am given I am bound to grow exponentially, all the more becoming the woman that I am created to be, the woman that I am destined to become! Then the dauntingly unexpected doesn’t seem so much of a burden as it does a blessing.

So this past Wednesday was my official last first day of school as a student but it was not my last first day of life. Every day is a first day in the school of life and there will be many more first days to come. Whether they seem new or mundane they all count towards our future; every moment, every breath. So wake up every morning, no matter what your situation is, determined to make that day a great first day! Be determined to discover all the new lessons life has to offer that will nurture you into a better person, teach you fresh perspectives and ground you more in your beliefs… Or as my Aunt B always tells me “Bloom where you are planted!”

Much Love,


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