Happy Birthday Care-Bear and Kiki-Di

Yesterday and today two of my most favorite people in the entire world were born, my sister in laws Carrie and Carrieli! I know most of the women in the world would rather forget birthdays instead of celebrate them, but not me, I have a rather unique view about the day a person is born. Relationships are my most treasured commodity. Whether thats the relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my sweet endearing best friend and partner in crime of a husband, or the multiple amount of wonderful family and friends I have been blessed to have. Each of those intimate connections are closer to my heart and mean more to me than anything else in life. Therefore, the day that someone close to me was given the gift of life and hence has been enriching my life and the many lives around them that they touch, making the world more beautiful, on a daily basis is something to be celebrated in my opinion! I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like without even one of the people I hold dear, and I definitely don’t want to. That’s why I believe birthdays should be celebrated to their fullest because it’s the anniversary of someones life beginning, someone who has made an impact on me and countless amounts of others in our world.

So as I said at the very start of this post, yesterday and today belong to two of the most importance, influential, beautiful souls I have the honor of knowing and calling my sisters, Carrie and Carrieli! Two both of you gorgeous girls, if you get a chance to read this sometime today, I love you both SO much and am beyond thankful to have the blessing of calling you both not only family and friends, but better yet sisters! I hope you both have an over the moon incredible day and that you know just how much your relationships mean to me. I look forward to the many more years we have together as well as the memories that we will make during those times and that today, specifically, I am looking back over the many ways your companionship has touched my life and smiling in gratitude for such an amazing gift in both of you!

Much Love


P.S. Happy Birthday!! Here are some throwbacks to some of my most favorite memories with both of you lovely ladies!

beach 2 beach 3 new bun sisters mail ice skating sibling hayride fun wedding pool blair and carrie carrilie 1 carrili 2 carrilie 3 carrili carebear movie bridesmaids brides maid dress bridal party family

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