Modern Day Miracles

When reading through The Word I always find myself amazed, like many other believers, at the wondrous things The Lord did through Jesus and the prophets; the impossible made possible just by the sheer touch of His hand or the mention of His name. And like many other believers I have found myself wondering at times, where are these inspiring, awe striking moments today that would bring even the most cynical critic to their knees and proclaim to the world that The Lord is with us and even better, He is for us! So a couple years ago, while having a thought such as this, I asked God to show me the miraculous, to open my eyes to His marvelous works. What He has shown me since has been nothing short of inspiring! 

So often we want what we consider to be the BIG miracles in life, like physical healing such as what Jesus did for the blind man just by touching Him and declaring it to be.  We want the instant gratification, the WOW factor. We do not want to have to wait and if we do then we expect it to be nothing short of absolutely Earth shattering for us as well as everyone around us. But what The Lord has shown me over the past years, since that moment I asked for His vision to see the things around me as He sees them, is that His mighty works are being displayed daily in our everyday lives. Even what we would deem the smallest, most insignificant moments of life factor into The Lords great plan and often can be the hinging point because He is waiting on our obedience.  So often we do not realize that what is going on in this very moment is The Lord working in our midst, creating a path or providing a modern day miracle just for us because we are too busy being blind sighted by the things going on around us. We chalk that relationship being mended, the promotion or recognition at work, or the financial, physical and sometimes even spiritual growth up to our own hard work or worse don’t even acknowledge it at all and see it as just sheer luck instead of seeing it the way God does, as Him working things in our midst for the good of those who love Him to bring His plan for our lives to fruition

But when you take the blinders off and start looking between the lines, searching for the way God is showing up in your life you will be amazed at all the miraculous moments that are unveiled to you! The simplest things, such as waking up to a beautiful sun drenched morning that fills your spirit with hope and joy, turn into the most amazing, intricate, personal wonders that you know were orchestrated just for you. Of course this optimistic and focused attitude allows you to see the larger scale things that The Lord is fulfilling around you as well. The things that others still might miss or shrug off, but in your heart of hearts you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was God parting the waters in the sea of your own personal life, creating a modern day miracle tailor made just for your specific needs. Ultimately, what I have come to find is that these moments have become more inspiring to me than any other miracle that I read about in The Bible. That’s because it is my holy, loving and grace filled Abba Father putting His pen to the blank pages of my life and creating a beautiful, miraculous masterpiece that will bring reassurance and truth in the here and now. It is a modern day miracle that I get to experiences personally taking place in the present day, rather than reading about one that took place in the life of another person from the past.  It is my Savior showing up, time and time again, to rescue me, redeem my walk, and faithfully guide me down the path that He has called me to, opening the doors that He sees fit to open and closing the ones that He sees fit to close.

Much Love and Prayer,


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