Everyday Valentine

On our wedding day my sweet Aunt Jo gave Matt and I some of the greatest marriage advice, and  I am proud to say that we have put it into practice everyday since our family was established, some days of course, are more successful than others but none the less it is still used for Gods glory. This Godly, wise advice was “Work everyday at being a blessing to one another and you will be blessed.” Simple, sound and to the point, we took this message to heart right away. I am so glad we did because every day in our  810 days of marriage has been Valentines Day; a day to express to the other just how much you love, value and appreciate them.

Now, let me also say that I am all for celebrating Valentines Day as well as all other meaningful holidays that commemorate a relationship including, but definitely not limited to, anniversaries, birthdays and other special events. Matt and I celebrate these moments each year as well in our little family of two. We even have our own unique names for them such as our date-a-versary (the day we started dating) and our engage-a-versary (the Christmas Matt proposed).  So we are very much pro Valentines Day. In Fact, I  personally like it so much that if I could choose a holiday to be born on I think that Valentines would be it because it’s a day dedicated solely to expressing love for others and I think that is just so beautiful! Like many other couples Matt and I also celebrate our love for one another on Valentines Day each year, but at the same time, to be completely honest, it’s just another day in our marriage that we both wake up and decide to dedicate to The Lord and to one another. For us this daily commitment means that we are purposely going to utilize the time we have been given with one another to showcase our love throughout the entire day, everyday until the good Lord takes us home. Sometimes we do this through grand gestures and other times it’s through simple details, but either way one common thread exists and that’s making the other feel meaningful and important through expressing our admiration, encouragement, support, care and compassion for each other in that specific moment.

One thing that Matt and I have come to realize throughout our seven years of being together is that you are only given a certain amount of time each day and once that day is gone you can never get it back. This is why we never leave a word unspoken or feeling not shown between the two of us. If we have something on our hearts to say or do for one another we do it, and we don’t wait. We never hesitate to tell one another how much we mean to each other and we make sure to back up our words with our actions on a consistent 24/7 basis. Many of our friends and family have nicknamed us “The Honeymooners”, “The Newlyweds” and “The Lovebirds”, and after almost three years of marriage we take these nicknames as huge compliment. Of course Matt and I know that we are more in love with one another and that the love between us grows stronger each day. But to think that others that are close to us and view our marriage on a rather consistent level, whom we value and respect, see that same love between the two of us radiating on an outward level truly fills me with such gratitude for what God has given us and is doing through life, family and marriage. It is the little reminder that as we allow God to work on our hearts He is using them as a blank canvas to paint a beautiful picture of Jesus’  tender love for each and every human being. I feel honored every time this is brought to my attention that God would use us to portray His unfailing, unwavering love to the world and that others can vividly see that love through our relationship. It is honestly one of the greatest compliments we have ever been given as a couple because it is literally telling us that, even though we are far from perfect, we are living up to the expectations that God and ourselves have for our marriage on a daily basis.

All in all what I am trying to say is that even though Valentines Day, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions are wonderful, they should really be just another day in which we show our genuine love for one another in our relationships, whether that be in marriage, friendship or  family. We should strive each day to be a blessing to those that are placed in our lives so that we can better allow The Lord to showcase His magnificent love for us and others in a more clear, vivid way to the world.

How we spent our 7th Valentines Day together sharing our love and friendship with four other fun, encouraging, supportive and all around wonderful couples that God has graciously placed in our family as friends.
How we spent our 7th Valentines Day together sharing our love and friendship with four other fun, encouraging, supportive and all around wonderful couples that God has graciously placed in our lives.

Much Love and Prayer,


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