DIY Foldable Box Spring

About a week and a half ago Matt and I moved into our new home. We are both lovers of old, historic places. We think that all the character they hold makes them charming and beautiful. The house we recently moved into is that type of space. You can just literally see the one of a kind craftsmanship that went into this building with it’s larger windows, hard wood floors and cobblestone walkways. It even has an adorable little window seat, perfect for reading and having my morning time with The Lord, complete with storage in the dining room, that makes it even more original and homey. Along with all this quaint charm though, comes tight hallways and narrow staircases, which was fine for someone of my 5’3″ stature when I was looking into renting it for our family. Since I seemed to fit through it with ample room, I thought that for sure Matt would be alright with the space, and thankfully he has been, but our box spring was not so lucky. You see there is a hang down over the stairs that leads up to the second floor. When it came to moving our mattress and box spring up to our bed it proved to be quite challenging. We were able to bend the mattress to get it passed the dip but box springs are not as flexible.

This is where creativity kicked in. Once we realized that our queen box spring was not going to fit up the stairs intact we started brainstorming other options. My do-it-yourself, handy man of a husband came up with the idea to cut it in half so we could bend it. What an impressive job he did too! I really can not take any credit in this project what so ever at all. It was all Matt! I literally came home from work last Tuesday and he had taken it apart and put it back together as well as made the bed to surprise me! I may have literally jumped, squealed and started clapping when I finally saw it too since we had been sleeping on just the mattress for about a week. lol

So incase you live in a quaint, older home like us, have found yourself in this particular dilemma and do not want to pay out the extra money to buy a folding box spring here is how you can take your standard, unfold-able one and make it much more flexible!

Things you will need:

  • saw
  • nails
  • pliers
  • staple gun
  • flat metal plates
  • staples
  • measuring tape
  • sharpie marker
  • drill


  • Begin by turning the box spring with the dust cover side up. Using the pliers, gently remove the staples that attach the dust cover to the frame. Pull back and remove dust cover completely revealing the wooden frame.
The box spring after the dust cover has been removed
The box spring after the dust cover has been removed
  • Using the measuring tape locate the middle of the box spring and mark with the sharpie on the wooden beams so that you know exactly where to cut.
  • Once you have made your marking you are ready to cut! Grab the saw and begin to cut through the wooden beams until they have each been sawed in half.
  • Now for the fun part! Test it out! Pick up the box spring and at this point it should be able to bed completely in half. Now you are ready to move it through whatever tight spot that was keeping it from getting to it’s final destination.
Folded in half!
Folded in half!
Folded in half from another angle!
Folded in half from another angle!
  • Once you have moved the box spring through the narrow space find a large area, unfold it and lay it down with the side where the dust cover would be facing up yet again.
  • Take the nails and flat metal plates and reconnect the beams where you originally sawed them in half by placing the plates over head and then drilling the nails into the plate holes to keep it in place.
Reconnected and ready to go!
Reconnected and ready to go!
  • Take the dust cover and reposition it on top of the beams to cover up the inside workings of the box spring. Using the staple gun, staple the dust cover back in place along the edges of the frame.
  • Lastly, set up the frame, box spring and mattress as you would normally.
The final product that was waiting for me when I came home from work the other day. What a wonderful surprise from my handyman of a husband!
The final product that was waiting for me when I came home from work the other day. What a wonderful surprise from my handyman of a husband!

So there you have it folks. How to take a normal box spring and make it into a folding rendition!

Much Love & Prayer,


2 thoughts on “DIY Foldable Box Spring

  1. Thank you William! I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed our post! It is always encouraging to get positive feedback from our followers! We will definitely check it out! 🙂 Have a great day!
    Matt & Blair

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