DIY Wedding Flower Shadowbox Keepsake

Just like all other brides, I loved my wedding flowers on Matt and my’s wedding day. Long after that special beginning to our family had ended and our marriage had begun I came to treasure them, along with a few other momentos from the most wonderful, joy -filled day of our life to date thus far. Therefore we decided that it would be a good idea to have them dried and displayed in a shadowbox where we would be able to cherish them, as well as all the memories that are attached to them, on a regular basis.

When we started looking into having this service done though, it proved to be quite difficult. First a foremost there was only one vendor in the area that we could find who offered this type of service. Secondly, she wanted to charge us upwards of $900.00 to complete the entire project. Being that Matt and I, were, and still are, on the newlywed budget that price estimate was a complete deal breaker for us. Not to mention that some of the details I had been creatively dreaming up in my head, such as a lace overlay on a powder blue cotton backdrop to match our wedding colors,  she had told me would be impossible to do. That, along with the price, made me want to try my hand at making my own wedding flower shadowbox that much more.  As I began researching to project I quickly came to realize that there wasn’t much on the topic to be found. Hence, why I thought it would be a good, useful tool to share here for other brides, turned wives, that have been longing to create their own wedding flower keepsake as well but could not find any resources or did not have the money available to pay someone to craft it for them, like me.

Further more the entire creation only costed me a thrifty $40.00 versus the $900.00 that the professional had rated us!!! Therefore we were abel to create our own keepsake, just the way we had envisioned it, for literally a fraction of the cost! Not to mention the sense of accomplishment you earn when you make something yourself. On top of all this Matt and I both agree that the one I crafted was much more along the lines of what we were dreaming up versus the one that was going to be designed for us, but that is the benefit of having full creative reign over a project.

The $40.00 wedding flower shadowbox (top) that I created for our precious keepsakes versus the $900.00 one (bottom) that a professional had designed for us. Of course we are a little biased but we much rather prefer ours to theirs.
The $40.00 wedding flower shadowbox (top) that I created for our precious keepsakes versus the $900.00 one (bottom) that a professional had designed for us. Of course we are a little biased but we much rather prefer ours to theirs.

As the old saying goes, where there’s a will there’s a way! So without further adieu I present to you the:

DIY wedding flower shadowbox keepsake!


  • Shadowbox of your choice. I purchased mine at Michael’s craft store
  • Fabric(s) of your choice
  • Pearl pins and other decorative features of your choice
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • Spray adhesive
  • Dried flowers
  • Ribbon either from the bouquet and boutonniere or something similar to match
  • Other significant wedding memorabilia such as a photograph or invitation


  • Take apart Shadowbox and backboard. There should be specific instructions to assist you with the shadowbox you decide to purchase. Place toe frame out to the side for the time being and turn the backboard so that the front is facing toward you. Make sure that you also have the backboard aligne properly so that you will be able to hang it and display all your beautiful memories right side up, instead of upside down. I learned this one tip from experience.  If it wasn’t for my amazing husband coming in to rescue my project with his handyman skills then all my hard work would have been for nothing because I had accidentally forgotten to check the back and make sure that it was aligned with the hangers before I began arranging and permanently glueing all our momentos down! Thankfully God gave me a patient, understanding and ingenious man to call my husband who was able to add some makeshift, homemade frame hangers to my shadowbox. He saved the day and is forever my hero! 🙂 
  • Once you have checked to make sure that the backboard is aligned properly to be hung on the wall, take your fabric and position it on the board to cover it completely. Cut any extra off that you will not need.
  • Now take the hot glue gun and glue the fabric down along the over edges of the board.
  • If you decide that you would like to do a lace overlay now is the time! After the hot glue has dried take the lace and lay it over the freshly fabric-covered board to cover the entire board. Cut any extra off that you will not need. Instead of using hot glue to adhere the lace to the fabric I decided to use pearl push pins because I felt that laying the lace down onto the hot glue would be too messy and dangerous. Take a pin and in the far corner of the board push it down into the fabric at an angle, going away from the center. Then pull the fabric taunt and repeat in the remaining three corners until the lace is adhered to the fabric. Side note, this was one of the features that I was told would be impossible to accomplish, and if I were to use hot glue then yes, I would agree, but as I had said earlier where there is a will, there is a way. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and almost anything can be made possible! 🙂
  • Once you have your fabric secured and in place now the excitement begins! Arrange, and rearrange your flowers and memorabilia until you find a set up that you like. Get creative! Have fun! Be daring! Nothing is official yet, you still have plenty of time to decide on what you like and what you want to change until it is all just right.
  • Now that you have decided on the set up carefully begin glueing each piece down with the hot glue. I found it easiest to begin with my center pieces, the ones that I wanted to be the focus point of the shadowbox. Therefore I began with my husbands boutonniere and my wedding bouquet. The boutonniere was much simpler than the bouquet since it is only one part. So to arrange to bouquet I found it best to start creating the shape with the large dried blooms, then move to the medium ones and finally fill in any gaps with the tiny ones. During this process I added the ribbon tied stems right after I was finished with the large blooms and began adding in around it with the medium as well as the small sized ones.
  • I then went on to add our wedding invitation that Matt designed for our wedding day and a photo of the two of us walking, laughing and talking in the park right after we became husband and wife. It is one of our favorite from that day and we chose it because of the way it captured the way we are together, it was one of those raw, real moments that captured our tenderness towards one another, as well as showcased the flowers in their original form from that first day of our little family.
  • Lastly, I positioned the ribbon that was tied around my stems and then hot glued it down as well as sprinkled a few loose petals around to fill in some empty space and add to the soft affect of the over all project.
  • Once you have everything set in place take the spray glue and spray it over the entire piece of art. This is an added safety pro caution. Also, I used this spray glue on the fragile decorative petal pieces that I placed around the board instead of the hot glue. Since the hot glue might have been to heavy on the delicate petals and could have caused tearing.
  • Now gently take the frame and place it over the board. Next slip your hands underneath of the board and gently flip it over so that you can secure it with the tabs that hook into the frames edge.
  • Once you have finished that step flip the shadowbox back over and have your own handyman of a husband that you were so blessed to have married come and help you hang it up in a place that you two choose together. For our little family of two we felt it went perfectly in our bedroom.
  • Lastly, sit back and admire your accomplishment that you achieved thanks to your creative stroke of genius and your hubbies superman-like handyman skills.








I hope this tutorial is helpful to anyone planning on venturing out and creating their own keepsakes versus having them made for you. Good luck on your crafting!

Much love & prayer,


10 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Flower Shadowbox Keepsake

  1. Hi!
    Your shadowbox looks stunning!(and super professional!)
    I’m attempting to create my own shadowbox, yet I’m have a difficult time rearranging my bouquet. I see that you’ve cut the stems off, what was your next step after that?


    1. Hey Sara! Thanks so much for the compliment! It’s been almost 3 years since I wrote this and still to this day that shadow box sits in our guest bedroom and gets praised every time we have a guest staying with us! So I would definitely highly recommend this project and I think it’s so great that you’re going to do this with your flowers!
      That being said what I did after cutting the flowers off the stem was play around with arranging them and then after I found an layout I liked I took a picture on my phone to help me remember and started super gluing each flower in place! 😊
      I hope this helps! Good luck girl and please do not hesitate to ask me any more questions as you go along! I knows it’s going to turn out great! 😊👍🏻

  2. I just came across this. I’m getting married in two weeks and I’ve been looking into having a shadow box done. After I saw the prices (holy cow!) I decided to look into doing my own.

    Information has been hard to find so I’m definitely bookmarking this!!!

  3. Thank you so much!!! I’ve been looking for a way to display my daughter’s wedding flowers. I also am limited on funds. You gave me some great ideas, an instruction. When I’m done I hope it looks as good as yours

  4. This is exactly what I needed as my daughter’s one year anniversary is coming up and I still have her flowers sitting in silica. I took apart her bouquet to dry. There are so many types of super glue. Can you tell me which kind you used. Also, did you spray the bouquet after it dried with anything? Thank you for the project details!!

    1. Hi Karen! I’m so glad you found what you needed through this post and congratulations on your daughters 1year wedding anniversary! This would be such a thoughtful anniversary present for her and your son in law. To answer your question I didn’t use super glue but I did use a glue gun and hot glue as well as a spray adhesive, both of which I found in Micheals craft store. I just used any hot glue I had in my house from previous crafting but the spray adhesive I bought specifically for this project. I found it in the floral arrangement section at Micheals. I hope this is helpful! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any more questions! Happy crafting!! 😊

  5. Hi! Love your shadowbox and I dried my wedding flowers to do this from something I found on Pinterest. How deep of a shadowbox did you use? I thought I would be gluing the bouquet down as one piece and didn’t even think of cutting the flowers and rearranging. I guess I am nervous to try because the flowers have been hanging upside down drying for 11 months. Were yours dried when you cut them? I’m afraid they will be too delicate and tear or fall apart.

    1. Hi Lisa, first off congratulations on getting married! That is so wonderful! I am so happy and excited for you! The shadowbox I used is from Micheals Craftstore and it is about 7 inches deep. But it’s pretty standard depth so you shouldn’t have an issue with finding something similar at your local craft store of frame shop. As for cutting the flowers I likewise dried them out first and then cut them second. I didn’t want them to be pressed because I wanted them to have a more realistic look to how they were on my wedding day. Don’t be afraid to cut them. Just do one stem at a time and make sure your scissors are sharp and you should be fine. Also don’t panic if you loose a coup petals because they flowers are dried now. It happens and this happened to me and everything turned out fine because you have SO many flowers and are only showcasing from one side. I did my shadow box almost 6 years ago and it still looks absolutely beautiful! Good luck and I hope it turns out just as you’re envisioning! 😊

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