Homemade Chalkboard Paint

Recently, for a home project, I was looking into the cost of chalkboard paint vs. making my own version. I really didn’t need a whole gallon, which was all I could find at the hardware store and for that matter I really did not want to pay the extra money for something that possibly would sit around in my basement and go bad. Therefore, I found this recipe to make chalkboard paint myself and since I already had 1/2 of the ingredients needed it was a winning idea! All I had to do was buy the color paint I wanted and presto!.. Instant, homemade, easy to make, easy to use Chalkboard paint! Thought I would post the recipe I used here for any other DIYer’s who have decided to go the homespun route with their own Chalkboard inspired projects! 🙂

The ingredients!
The ingredients!


  • 1 cup (8 oz.) paint
  • 2 tablespoons unsanded tile grout


  1. Open the lid of the 8 oz. paint sample jar and add 2 tablespoons unsanded tile grout.
  2. Now shake extremely well and until all the grout is completely mixed in with the paint.
  3. Apply to project as you would normal paint and sand the surface by hand with sand paper after application is completely dry.
  4. Make sure to season the dried chalkboard paint by swiping some chalk over it and then wiping it off!
Chalkboard paint dried and in use!
Chalkboard paint dried and in use!

Good luck on your own DIY adventures!

Much Love & prayer,


4 thoughts on “Homemade Chalkboard Paint

  1. Hey Blair! Did you feel like it came out like you hoped it would? Would you go with the homemade paint again? It looks good, but wanteds your bthoughts on the overall outcome. Thanks!

    1. Hey Sharayah! I would most definitely go with it again, in fact one day in the far future when we have kiddos Matt and I plan on turning a whole wall, or two, in a playroom into a chalkboard and use this recipe to do so because it turned our that great! Just make sure to sand it down really well so it has a smooth, writable finish.. But at the same time not to over sand it or else you will sand the paint off. We learned that lesson from experience lol If you decide to use the recipe feel free to message me over Facebook or right here on the blog if you have any specific questions. I would love to help in any way I can! 😊 Great talking to you and good luck! You will have to keep me updated with your final outcome of your project!! 😊

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