Resurrection Day

Long before The Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunts and Jelly Beans there was a man who lived and died over 2000 years ago. Long before we sang about Peter Cotton Tail or looked forward to buying a new Easter dress to wear to church on Easter Sunday that same man gave up his innocent life so that we could find complete and total freedom from all of our sin in His perfect sacrifice. That mans name is Jesus, the son of God, the one true Messiah. He is our hope. He is our redemption.

The celebration of Easter is so much more then what we make it out to be. It is so much more important then what we give it credit for. Easter is the day we remember how we came to be free thanks to the promise that was fulfilled through Jesus when He was resurrected from the grave three days after taking our punishment upon His self. But death did not defeat Him and that is why we rejoice 200o years later! Because of Jesus’ victory over our death and sin we can live renewed in the truth that He paid the price so that He could offer us the most beautiful gift of love; eternal life with Him! John10:25-26 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. 

This gift has nothing to do with us. Whether we choose to believe and accept it does not change the fact that Jesus still bought it for us and wants to give it to us. We could never pay Him back for it, or purchase it on our own, it is simply offered to us. This precious gift is unconditional, just like Jesus’ love for us. That means after believing in and accepting salvation through Christ there is nothing in your past, present or future , no inward or outward mistake, no big or small sin, no blatantly disobedient or obliviously ignorant wrong doing that one can ever commit that would make Jesus take back His gift. He is not an indian giver because the gift has nothing to do with the receiver, instead it has everything to do with the precious price He paid, His sacrifice, and His sweet blood that covers all! Not partially all. Not all, up until  the day you became saved or the day after your salvation. Not only the little things or only the biggies. ALL! Meaning everything and anything that you did, could or will possibly do! ALL! His grace, His blood, His sacrifice, His gift of loving salvations covers all! It covers the rebellious. It covers the oblivious. It covers the ignorant. It covers the in denial. It covers to negligent. It covers the inwardly unknown and the outwardly obvious. It covers the little mishaps and the big mistakes. It covers what we make excuses for or try to justify. It covers what we can’t stop guilt tripping ourselves about. It covers whatever happened before we accepted salvation, whatever we are in the midst of at the moment, and all things afterward.

And that is what makes it true grace, because we are so undeserving of it, even after we accept salvation each and everyone of us are still completely unworthy and only through His sacrifice are we all covered!

So this Resurrection Day, and all to come, that is what we are celebrating in The Pomeroy home. The most sweet, sacrificial act of love ever known to mankind through the cross, and the blessing we have in receiving such saving grace because our redeemer lives!

Praying you have a renewed and refreshed Resurrection Day with all those who are loved in your life!

Much Love & Prayer,

Matt & Blair

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