Favorite Christmas song

A couple weeks ago, as we sat around in the living room after eating an amazing Thanksgiving meal with family listening to Christmas music in the background and making room for pie, my sister in-love Carrieli asked us what our favorite Christmas song was. Sounds like a simple question, but to someone who absolutely LOVES Christmas music its honestly a tough decision. So the question she posed really got me thinking. What is my favorite Christmas song? If  I could only choose one to listen to over and over again on repeat and NEVER get sick of it, well, which one would it be? And thus my self revelation of which song is my most favorite out of all my favorites came into reality!


1. The Night Before Christmas – Brandon Heath

This is the song that if you were to ask me now, I would say that without a doubt is my one and only MOST FAVORITE Christmas song. Like, I would and could, because I literally have, listened to this song on repeat over and over and have not gotten over it. I. LOVE. IT. Everything from the lyrics, to the composure of the music, to the emotion in the singers voice speaks to me on such a high level. It tells me each and every time that Jesus chose to come and put His perfect, sinless self in the middle of my personal mess. Not on the outskirts of it. Not close enough to touch it. No. In the very center of the entire thing!.. and He was never forced to, but chose too. Let that sink in for a second. He chose too! That means He wanted to! Now, if it wasn’t already personal, that fact right there makes it so. Jesus came down to Earth, made His self human, dealt with all the same things I have, experienced the exact same emotions I have, did it all with out sin, then went and died for all my sin on the cross, willing, just so He could personally pick me up, take me out of and rescue me from that exact same mess. All because He loves me, He wants me and He calls me His. Talk about a savior, but not just any savior, My Savior!  That is the true meaning of Christmas, and this is exactly why it is my favorite Christmas song of all time, hands down, forever, till the day I die, go to Heaven and can personally thank Him for what He had done for me.


2. Away In A Manger – Casting Crowns

Away in A Manger has a special connection for me. It was the song that my mom used to sing me to sleep with each night when I was little. I would request it every night, and I’ve been told that when I had my tonsils removed at the young age of three it was the only thing I asked for right after the procedure was finished, for her to sing it to me over and over and over again. It just always calmed me. I think the reason I was so soothed by it from a very young age is because I knew the reality of it. To me there could be a million things going wrong in my life but that simple fact that Jesus, again, came down to Earth to save me and that at the end of the day no matter what happens I am His, Jesus has put His claim on me because I accept His gift of salvation. I knew that then, I know it now, and if nothing else I will continue to know that one simple truth for the rest of my days on this Earth.


3. Better Days – Goo Goo Dolls

I actually don’t think this is suppose to be a Christmas song but to me it is. It doesn’t mention Jesus or what He did for us but I found a common thread between these three songs that come through in this one as well. The greatest gift isn’t anything you can get from a store, the greatest gift isn’t anything you can even give someone like others might tell you. You wont find it in a brown paper package tied up with string, as Julie Andrews would tell you. Nope. The greatest gift is Jesus, and He is where we find our better days even in the hardest, most desperate of times.

So there you have it. Those are my personal favorite Christmas songs, including of course, my one and only true favorite one out of all of them. Are you are Christmassy- loving person like me? Is it your favorite holiday too?!? Do you love Christmas carols so much that you may, or may not, listen to it year around, but only admit to it after November like me lol? If so we would love to hear about it! Write us in the comments below! Tell us all about your favorite Christmas song or any favorite Christmas thing! Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

Much love & prayer,


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