To our loved ones near and far,

What a wonderful whirlwind of a year two thousand fourteen has been for our little family of two! From the very beginning to the very end, this year has been chalked full with movement and growth! Among many good lessons learned, at the hand of our gracious and loving Abba Father, one general theme rang true for us in 2014. After His son Jesus Christ, family is the most important, most precious gift that God has given us and like all precious gifts we are called to protect, provide, love, nurture and care for them. Also, no matter what life may have in store; you face it together, as a family, united in The Lords strength and believing in His sovereignty.

The front of our family Christmas card this year that Matt designed especially for us!
Our Christmas card designed by Matt just for our little family of two!
And here's the back!
And here’s the back!

That being said, we kicked off the beginning of 2014 in full force when Blair accepted her first teaching position as a Kindergarten Teacher at Woodfill Elementary, a Blue Ribbon School, at Fort Thomas Independent School District, ranked #3 in the state, in Fort Thomas, Kentucky in January, not even one month after graduating with her degree! Little did we know at the time, but this move would of course lead us into Blair leaving the public sector of education and child care, after being in it for nearly fourteen years, and taking the leap of faith to head into the “private practice” division as she became a full-time Professional Nanny in August. God truly had His divine hand on every step in this process from uniting us on this decision to finding the family that He had destined her to work with. It has all been a huge blessing and of course led us to make the move back to the Northern Kentucky area after living in Lexington, KY for the past seven years. Though we have moved out of dorms during our college days, and into an apartment and a rental house during the first three years of our marriage this was definitely our first big move! We could not have done it, nearly as successfully as we did, without the help of our friends and family in Lexington and in Northern Kentucky. To those who shared in our joy, prayed for us, came along side of us and showed us love in action during that time frame, thank you! Y’all know exactly who you are and I hope you also know just how grateful we are for your friendship, support and encouragement.

My handsome hubby carrying his blushing bride over the threshold of our 3rd newlyweds nest/honeymooners home!
My handsome hubby carrying his blushing bride over the threshold of our 3rd newlyweds nest/honeymooners home!

Another amazing adventure that God has called us to is Matt switching companies and becoming a Credit Operations Specialist with Citigroup in Erlanger, KY, one of the largest, multinational, American financial institutions in the world! This has been such an incredible move for Matt’s career as well as our family as a whole for so many reasons that we literally cannot name them all without writing a completely separate letter! There honestly was not one single draw back to making this move on our pro’s and con’s sheet! It was most definitely God redirecting this specific path in our journey and needless to say we have been extremely happy with our decision to follow His lead as always.

Visiting Mr. Pomeroy at work one afternoon for lunch!
Visiting Mr. Pomeroy at the new company one afternoon for lunch! Citi has a very nice campus!

A few extra highlights from our fourth year of marriage, thus far, was of course our fun family vacation to Florida that we were so blessed to take with Blair’s side of the family in July as well as our trip to visit with Matt’s side of the family over Memorial Day Weekend. We were also fortunate enough to be able to check off a couple of our items on our bucket list for our Third Wedding Anniversary, or Leather Anniversary as we affectionately call it, and complete the entire Kentucky Bourbon Trail as well as get wedding band tattoos as a sign of our permanent, never ending, ever enduring covenant relationship between our God and ourselves, which was something that we both ironically wanted to do with our spouse long before we ever met let alone got married; it’s awesome how God works those little quirks out. Because of this we have also been calling it the “hard core anniversary” lol. Seriously, what better way to celebrate our Leather Anniversary than with Kentucky Bourbon and tattoos!! On a more serious note though, this anniversary definitely taught us that you don’t have to go far from home to have a great time. In fact, even a stay-cation becomes a full-fledged vacation when you’re with your best friend sharing dreams and turning them into realities!



To wrap it all up God has definitely called us out of the safe boat and onto the raging, yet exciting waters of life to walk with Him in trust and obedience this year. All we can say is, man, are we SO glad we listened! Of course we end 2014 just as we had began it, with hearts over flowing in gratitude and love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray that your Christmas is trimmed with the love, joy and peace of knowing Him and trusting your life in His gentle hands. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Much love & prayer,

Matt, Blair, Kirby-girl & Dixie-chick

P.S.  Click on the link below to watch a slideshow of our favorite photos from our favorite memories throughout the year that we made to a song we felt really summed up the theme of our 2014! 🙂

See you in 2015!!!!
Ready or not here we come 2015!!!! Hope ya’ll have a great last couple of days in 2014!!!! We look forward to seeing ya’ll in the new year!!!!! 🙂


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