Well we finally officially moved into our house and out of the one we were renting on Saturday, March 14, 2o15, which funny coincidence just happened to be National Pi Day! And yes in case you were wondering we did eat pie, Pizza Pie that is! πŸ™‚ Β So we’ve been living in our home for a little over a week now!

A shower on your moving day is good luck, just like on your wedding day right?!? Well, judging based on the fantastic move we had, the good times and love that has been shared in that house behind us so far we sure do think so! πŸ™‚
Our house in the middle of our street! πŸ™‚


Over the threshold we go hopefully for the last time for quiet a while!


The third week of our renovation was more about moving and getting organized then anything else.Β We wish we could say that we were one of those super duper families that had everything color coded, labeled in a binder, folder or something equally as nifty and knew exactly where we wanted each thing to go, but the truth is we didn’t. After moving four times we are one of those families that are more concerned with the people around us and making the time we have with those that are put in our lives count on a daily basis then with checking everything off a list and putting each item in the correct box. Because at the end of the day, it’s all going to the same place, it will all get there one way or another and our possessions though they are nice to have, they just don’t matter as much to us as others do. Don’t get me wrong, some of the boxes only had one type of item in them such as dishes or clothing but others were a mismatched heap of things that belonged in the office, bathroom or some other similar space. Of course when we found out we were moving we started packing immediately but there were still items a couple days before moving day that needed a box to call their temporary home because instead of staying home to pack we’d rather spend that time with others. So, being the go with the flow type of people we are, we just threw them all in a box lol! Our rational: we weren’t moving far (only 15 minutes to be exact) and really when it comes down to either having packing perfection or getting to spend some quality time with out of town family, having some good discussion and studying God’s word with close friends, or going on a date night with each other, we’re going to choose the people over the packing every time. At the end of the day it’s not your performance that matters, its the relationships and the love and time you give to those relationships that does.

We’re officially residence of Florence Y’all! lol


Just riding shot gun in the U-haul with this handsome hubby!
And we were just a bit excited about it!!! πŸ™‚
Our coffee and donuts was definitely the reason for our peppiness, that are sheer excitement over the new adventures to come in our first home that we own of course!

That being said we were so blessed to have so many loved ones that wanted to help us not only on moving day but the weeks leading up to our big move! The morning of our move everyone met up at the house we were renting in Covington, and thanks to my Aunt B and our friends Lorilee and Wayne for letting us borrow their truck earlier in the week we were able to get all the boxes out prior to that day. So all we had to move was furniture! Even though the weather was a little dreary, the rain could not keep our spirits down! I guess that goes to show that no matter the circumstances true warmth and cheer isn’t found in the rays of the sun but in the hearts and the attitudes of the people you surround yourself with, and in our opinion we have the most joyful, fun, generous, compassionate, warmhearted group of friends and family that we could ever ask for!

The dream team!


Turning onto our street!

Between only having furniture to move and everyone who came being so positive, encouraging and hardworking we were able to move much faster then we had originally expected. We ended up being hours ahead of the flexible schedule that we had set in our minds, which is never a bed thing when you have a U-haul that needs to be returned within 6 hours. lol

Matt & Matt.. and our moving supervisor Miss Kenzie Lynn in all her UK cuteness of course! πŸ™‚
Our sis Carrieli and Matt packing up! The enthusiasm and great attitudes that everyone had is what made this day such fun! πŸ™‚

Not only were we ahead of schedule but when Matt and our friend Matt Rauch went to return the U-haul and pick up the Pizza we had ordered, our other friends and family stayed and helped Blair put all the boxes in their correct rooms as well as arrange the furniture. That was a task that we weren’t even planning on getting to but thanks to our loved ones eagerness to help we were able to get everything sorted out and make the unpacking process much easier.

Ready to unpack!
Ready to unpack!

Once Matt & Matt got back from running their moving day errands though we decided to call it a day and enjoy some yummy, well deserved Pizza while watching the UK game together, because again, people (and pizza… and The Wildcats lol ) are more of a priority before packing, or unpacking in this case, every time in our family.

It got a little intense watching the game!
Seriously so unbelievably blessed to call the Rauch family our some of our best friends for over 10 years! Can’t believe we have been there to watch what God has done in our relationships and how He has worked to grow our families since the very beginning till now! Having yall as our friends is one of the biggest blessings!! We just love you guys!! Thanks for helping us, praying with us and supporting us through this whole process! πŸ™‚
Framily forever!

At the end of it all we still have a lot of different DIY projects that we are wanting to do to update our home but one recurring theme that found it’s way into each part of making our house into our home over the past three weeks was love. Love that was shared with us from those friends and family who came beside us to pray with us and for us during this exciting new change. Love from those same loved ones who showed us love in action by being so generous with their time and talents to help us move. Love we got to give to those around us through spending time and making memories with those who matter most to us in this world. At the end of it all it’s love shared that makes a house a home. It’s not new paint, appliances or having the furniture arranged just so. Although those things are all nice, that’s not what creates a space where families thrive and each person feels welcomed and safe, it’s love, at least that’s what we know it is for us and the place that we now call home.

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

P.S. Click on the link below to watch a full sideshow about turning our house into our home with all our loved ones!


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