Isn’t it interesting how much can change in a months time? A month ago it was the end of February, there was at least a foot of snow on the ground, the temperature was below freezing and it was dark by 6:00pm. Now it’s the beginning of April, the snow has melted and in it’s place are beautiful flowers with variety of colors in our front yard. And fresh, warm air, the smell of new grass, the sound of birds singing and children laughing as they play outside has taken the cool temperature’s place because the sun is shining and the days are getting longer.

A month ago we officially became first time home owners. A month ago the excitement and newness of this first time experiences God had graciously blessed us with filled our hearts and consumed most of our time and thoughts. A month ago one of the first people to come over our new home and fill it with friendship, laughter and love was our good friend Ashley Kennedy of Images by Ashley. Ashley has been in our life since our wedding day, literally. She was the second shooter for our wedding! So thankful that throughout the past three and a half years we became close friends with this fellow UK fanatic, lover of backroads, bare feet, sweet tea and natures beauty. She’s a kindred spirit to our country soul.

A month ago we were just beginning to prepare our first house to make it into our first home. And now we live there. It’s the place we eat meals together, tell one another about the ins and outs of our days, read our books in bed, do our devotions and pray together. It’s the place we invite our friends and family over to watch March Madness and cheer on the Kentucky Wildcats. The place we wrestle and cuddle with our dogs. Its the place we leave in the morning and look forward to coming home to each evening. It’s our safe haven, our comfort zone. That house is the place we call home.

So, in honor of this new journey’s beginning we thought it might be fun to share a little recap of the first home pictures we took with our friend Ashley a month ago. There’s a highlight video of all the wonderful photos she took that can be watched if your just click on the link below, but we also thought we’d post some of our favorites from that day as well.

What has changed in the past month for you? How has God been moving and bringing new life to the same old same in your family? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

We are a little excited about our new address!







Bringing a little BBN to our new home!




Being carried over the threshold… in sequence!




Welcome home Mr. Pomeroy!






We just about emptied out the old “New Home Fund” jar we started four years ago! lol




Who say’s you have to be a kid to make silly faces with your best friend?!?
Our 4th year of marriage!




2 thoughts on “Our First Home Pictures

    1. Thanks Jennie! We are really overwhelmed with what a blessing Gods given us and our future in this place to call our home. By the way I love reading your blog girl! You are such an encouragement to me in finding inspiration in the day to day of life, and your boys are absolutely adorable! 😊

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