I’m sure many of you could probably guess that the majority of our March was filled with home projects, packing and moving, but aside from that there was a few other highlights to our month as well.

Recap picture of our big move! You can read more about that exciting time in the past series that we just finished up writing called: Turning Our House Into Our Home. :)
Recap picture of our big move! You can read more about that exciting time in the past series that we just finished up writing called: Turning Our House Into Our Home. 🙂


March Madness: Just in case you aren’t a big college basketball fan and didn’t know this little tidbit, the school that we both received our Bachelors Degree’s from, The University of Kentucky, had a REALLY good season this year. Like we’re talking “undefeated up until the very end” good season. Like every other proud UK alumni we were both super excited about this winning streak and are still faithful fans to our Wildcats even if they didn’t go all the way and win the championship this year. They still had a great season and made a permanent mark on sport of Basketball. 🙂

Of course in true BBN fashion we had to take a break from moving to watch our beloved Cats play! I guess you can say we didn’t waste anytime when it came to opening our home up to our friends and family. lol
We repped The Big Blue Nation all season long, even down to our nail color!


This was technically in April when our Brother John and nieces came to visit, but we figured we’d share it now because it was taken last Saturday night when we had all our family over to watch the game. This is our sweet niece Evie and this picture pretty much explains how emotionally and physically taxing that last game was, to say the least. lol

Sister Day: Earlier in the month our sister Carrieli came over and spent the whole day with Blair. It was such a fun day. She helped her sort through some clothes that she was donating to goodwill, of course after Carrieli got first dibs on anything out of the pile that Blair was going to give away – gotta keep those sister perks alive! Then they went and had lunch with Matt and got to see his office and where he puts in the long hours to help Citi Group keep the financial world spinning lol.

Kirby and Dixe LOVE Carrieli to say the least. They usually would be up on the bed cuddling with us but we are in the process of breaking them of the habit of sleeping in our bed and getting them used to sleeping in their own doggie beds.

Reunited Reunion With a New/Old Friend: Isn’t it crazy-amazing how God will bring people back into your life that you were close to back in the day. That is what He has been doing a lot lately here in our family. One of the recent ones is Blair’s friend from elementary school Rachel. When Blair went to Calvary and Rachel went to the Cincinnati School of Performing Arts they fell out of touch until both of them moved back into the Northern Kentucky Area in the last year and reconnected through Facebook (I guess the internet does have it upsides lol). They decided to get together a couple weeks ago to catch up and discovered how much they have in common during this phase of life. Were so excited and thankful for these new/old friendships that are popping up in our family and can’t wait to hang out with The Eten’s soon once they return from their trip to India! 🙂

Reunited buddies! Rachel introduced Blair to this amazing cocktail she learned about while living in New York called A Last Word… and it’s delicious! 🙂


Mall Hopping & Secret Love Letters: So we happen to think our friends are pretty awesome, creative folks, especially one of Blair’s best friends Kristin! Even a normal day of shopping at the mall is a fun activity with that incredible lady! While in Bath and Body Works, smelling all the scents (Yes, were notorious for that) Blair noticed Kristin slipping something between the lotion bottles. Once they were out of the store Kristin told her this fantastic idea that she was helping a friend of her’s carry out. Kristins friend is an author of an incredible book that everyone should read called “The World Needs More Love Letters” and after reading the book she decided she would be apart of the challenge of spreading the love by writing a few anonymous love letters to leave around the mall that day so someone would find them and be encourage. Of course Blair also found that to be an amazing idea and so an average day at the mall turned into a scavenger hunt of finding the perfect place to leave the love letters for their new owners to find.

One of the many love letters we left all over the Florence Mall a couple Saturday’s ago.

Do It Herself Girls Night Out: A couple weeks ago my mother in-love invited me to go to a special class that Home Depot was hosting call Do It Herself with herself and her friend Gail. With being brand new homeowners and all I figured why not, plus it’s always nice to get to hang out with my mompom. I love getting to hang out with her, make some memories and grow closer in our relationship with each other. We three had such a blast learning all about tiling and how to add a tile backsplash to our kitchen wall that we are signing up for a few more classes in April to get together and have some regular girls nights learning some tricks of the trade. I’m super pumped about this new tradition and can hardly wait for the next class since one of my main love language is quality time and I love spending and giving time to those I love. 🙂


First Date Nights: We didn’t waste anytime getting back into a routine and having date nights once we moved into our new home. In fact, a few days before the move Matt asked me out on our first date night in our new home on the first Monday night we were officially living there. He wouldn’t tell me what he had planned but promised me I would be in for quite a treat when I came home from work, and I sure was. When I walked in the door that night had had prepared a delicious homemade dinner for us complete with a bottle of my favorite wine! Afterwards we spent the rest of our evening taking a nice long walk around our neighborhood with our doggies. It was a lovely first date night in! 🙂


Out and about in our new neighborhood with Dixie. It was her first walk! She did great!


Well, there you have it! Our month of March in a nutshell for 2015! What fun and exciting things did you do with your March? Feel free to comment below. We would love to hear what new things you’ve been up to as well.

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

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