Like many other couples Matt and I both can’t believe how fast our pregnancy has been flying by! This is our first time expecting a new little one. We are so excited to see how God is going to use this little life in His plan as He expands our family from 2 to 3. So we thought it would be a good idea to record some of the happenings in our pregnancy on here. A series of bump-dates, if you will, to keep all our friends and family updated in how our Sweet P’s progress is going! 🙂

Our first picture with the chalkboard Matt made for us to document our first pregnancy!
Our first picture with the chalkboard Matt made for us to document our first pregnancy!

Highlights: Besides finding out that we were pregnant one of the most enjoyable moments during our first trimester would have to be telling all our closest family and friends about our little expected bundle of joy! We had such a fun time planning out each unique way we told all of our loved ones together, and seeing all their faces fill with such love and surprise over our exciting news made keeping our secret till we were able to share it in person with each of them completely worth it!

We also loved adapting our little family tradition of praying together every night before we go to bed to include our little one. Since the very first night we found out we were expecting Matt has laid his head next to my tummy to say hi to our Sweet P and tell her just how loved she is! Then we pray over her and God’s plans for her life together. We pray for her development and growth that she would continue to be nurtured into a fully healthy, strong and vibrant baby girl. We pray for her relationships. That God would surround her with people who will help her prosper and grow in character as well as help her to achieve God’s will for her life. And most importantly we always pray for her relationship with Jesus. That out of all the people and things she loves it will be Him who has her heart first and foremost forever.

Weeks 3-8!
Weeks 3-8!

Emotions: Where do we begin! Overjoyed. Ecstatic. Grateful. Those would all be good words to begin with describing all the wonderful ways we felt during the start of our pregnancy with this little one! And those feelings have only grown stronger with each passing day!

Cravings: Lemonade, Seltzer Water, Pasta Salad, UDF Chocolate Malts, Macaroni and Cheese, Caesar Kale Salad, Jimmy Johns Beach Club (which I couldn’t have because of Listeria), and Salsa with anything and everything! Seriously, one night at dinner Matt was having a homemade quesadilla and I was having some leftover Chinese. He had some salsa sitting in a dish between us and I had the urge to dip my eggroll in it, which was delicious! We named that special new food group Mexinese! lol

Weeks 9 -14!
Weeks 9 -14!

Aversions: Coffee, Graeters Ice Cream (the big chocolate chips are too rich to stomach), Crockpot Chili or any super meaty, warm dish for that matter were all things that made my stomach turn that I normally would be a big fan of; especially the Graeters and coffee! The fact that I was averse to coffee though actually came in handy though because it made it easy to kick the early morning cup of caffeine habit. 🙂

Other Symptoms: Like a lot of other women going through their first trimester, we discovered just how tiring making a baby can be. Honestly,  to say I was tired was an understatement. I was exhausted! Constantly Exhausted! I would go to bed early, wake up after 10 hours, or more, of sleep and feel like I had only gotten 2, at best! I’m a pretty energetic person. I can usually have something going on all day long, come home and still have more than enough energy to do other tasks around the house. So to come home from a normal scheduled day and immediately need a nap, that sometimes turned into an early bed time lol, was very strange for me. It was definitely the symptom that irritated me the most. Matt was so gracious and patient with me though, especially when I wasn’t very gracious or patient with myself. He constantly reminded me that to feel this out of sorts was normal and whenever I would get into a funk feeling like I hadn’t gotten much done because I had slept my time away, he would remind me that I was doing something far much greater and bigger than the task I was frustrated with myself for not completing; I was creating another human. Sustaining another life! And that this task alone was more monumental, more meaningful and would expend more energy then keeping a clean house, meal planning or finishing my latest craft project. So it was okay that I let all of those things slide for a little bit. It didn’t hurt either that Matt took all the tasks he could off of my shoulders so I could get my rest. He basically kept our home clean and household running all on his own for the first couple months of our pregnancy! The fact that my husband gave me the freedom to be tired was one thing, but then for him to go above and beyond to take care of me by taking care of the tasks that were stressing me out for not being able to stay on top of them really made all the difference. He really is too good to me.

Another symptom that I didn’t notice but Matt did was my body temperature. He noticed that my body temperature was much higher then normal because he couldn’t (and still can’t) cuddle with me all night long like he usually does without waking up in a sweat from the heat I put off. lol I guess you can say the oven is definitely on! lol

Bump shots!
Bump shots!

Other then that I really didn’t have a whole lot of other awful symptoms. I was slightly nauseous off and on, but only got sick once. Granted it was on Mothers Day, during a church service, and I had to run out of the sanctuary at the beginning of the sermon to make it to the bathroom in time but hey, it could always be worse right?

Every time though I start to feel a little sorry for myself (because lets face if who likes feeling like you have the beginning of a stomach bug for one day, let alone three months straight) God was so good to remind me of a few things that got me through those tougher times during this past trimester.

1. That these symptoms could be much more severe and for a lot of women often are! Some women have to take off work, are hospitalized or worse because of how severe their nausea is. While mine was just slightly annoying but never actually impacted my daily lifestyle, and often could easily be controlled by keeping my blood sugar and diet regulated. Some women, no matter what they do don’t just feel slightly icky in the tummy, like I did, but instead have nausea and vomiting so bad they can’t function in their normal day to day life and it can’t be controlled without medical intervention and prescribed drugs. So when I think about those other more severe cases I had it pretty easy, comparatively speaking.

2. All these crazy symptoms and changes that are going on with my body due to hormone fluctuations are all signs of a healthy, strong pregnancy. They’re all signs that my body is functioning the way God designed it to and is therefore able to fully support and nurture this sweet little life God is molding inside of me! When I think about it that way how can I be upset, frustrated or feel down in the dumps about that tummy ache or lack of energy when that is all a clear signal that my body is strong and healthy enough to properly provide for our child. That God is using me exactly as He designed and that our little Sweet P is getting the proper amount of nutrition and hormones it needs to grow and develop perfectly as planned with each passing day! I can’t because when I think of it that way I am immediately overcome with thankfulness! I found myself even looking forward to the fact that I was having those  symptoms because its a constant reminder of the good thing God is doing through me right at that very second!

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

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