About a month ago we got together with our good friend Ashley Kennedy, whose an absolutely amazing natural light photographer to have some maternity pictures taken out on Matt’s family farm. Being the sentimental people we both are we really love photography and love looking at pictures because they always seem to have a way of taking us back to a specific place in time. One of our favorite past times when family is in town or when we’re visiting family is to get out all the photo albums and reminisce with our loved ones over the past. We could literally do it for hours! Looking through each moment, it’s like all the warm and fuzzy’s from that time come flooding back. 🙂 So of course we had to have some special photos taken to document this precious time of transition in our marriage and family because we definitely want to be able to look back with Annabelle one day to tell and show her just how excited we were to be her parents and how loved she was from the very beginning. 🙂










We chose Matt’s farm because it is one of our most favorite places. A lot of history has happened on that land that holds many dear memories for us from one of our first dates when I was still in high school stargazing in the field where Matt asked me to be his girlfriend to a snowy Christmas morning 5 years ago when he asked me to be his bride. We love that place, as does the whole family. It’s just so filled with so much love and warmth and to us that is what makes it so beautiful. There is something extra cozy about it in the fall though, when the sun seems to be a little more golden in the evenings, and the leaves on the trees start to change their colors and the air is a little more crisp and windy. And since we were very much pregnant during that season we thought that would be a great place to capture this precious time in our lives. And boy, were we ever so glad we did. Ashley did such an incredible job of capturing the warmth and beauty of that land and the love we share between each other and for Annabelle! So here are a few of our favorites from our maternity session! 🙂 Thank you Ashley again for giving us such a great keepsake that we know our family will cherish for years to come! 🙂 We can’t wait to get them printed and put them in an album so that we can curl up on the couch together and reminisce through them with Annabelle one day. 🙂












Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

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