Some of you might have noticed, it’s been awhile since we’ve wrote a post on here and the reason for that is two fold. 1.) I have been a super busy little bee nesting away and 2.) as our pregnancy has been nearing the end I have found myself becoming much more private and therefore, to be completely transparent, didn’t really want to share too much on here or with anyone outside of a close inner circle of family and friends that Matt and I have. In the last week though, that feeling of needing extra privacy has eased up some, and now I find myself wanting to record more on here about our daughters pregnancy as Matt and I have been reminiscing about the past 9 months, and year in general, a lot lately!  So I figured talking about her name and how we went about choosing it was a good a place as any to start! 🙂

Matt and I both strongly believe that names are very important things. They hold meaning and depth. They tie use to loved ones, places in time and history. They can be a way to build a person up or tear a person down because they are words and words wield power. Therefore we took the task of choosing a name for our daughter very seriously and with the upmost reverence that such a responsibility deserves. We wanted a name that she could grow into. Something that would fit her through each stage of her life, from infancy to adulthood. Something that sounded pretty that she could use for more formal occasions, like her wedding day, but could also be shortened down to a cute nickname every now and then between the three of us. We wanted a name that we both absolutely loved and that neither of us had to settle or compromise on. One that was known but not over used. We wanted a name that held special sentiment in the place of our families and had a great meaning tied to it as well.


When we found out we were expecting Matt was dead set on the belief that we were having a girl and I was for sure that our Sweet P was a boy, which I obviously ended up being wrong. lol So throughout the first 16 weeks of pregnancy leading up to finding out whether we were having a little Miss or little Mister we had this fun, very playful, light hearted, flirty banter going on between the two of us where I would called our baby by the one of the little boy’s names and Matt would call her by one of the little girls names we had talked about liking, which just happened to be Annabelle. 🙂


So once we found out we were having a little girl we both talked about how much we really did love the name Annabelle and how we felt it was a really perfect fit for this little one, but we decided to go through a few baby name books just to make sure that no other name stood out to us. We literally went through those books together within a couple days and if there was a name that one of us liked we would discuss it but if one of us didn’t like a name that the other was drawn to we immediately ruled it out because we wanted to choose a name together that we both equally loved and felt fit our little one perfectly. That rule of thumb made choosing a name pretty easy because if one of us didn’t like it then we just didn’t get our hearts set on it, and therefore we only had about 10 names or so, that we both truly loved, that were true contenders.


We’re also pretty family oriented, sentimental individuals and we are both the name sakes of our grandparents. Matt’s middle name is Clark after his grandfather John Clark and my middle name is Blair after my grandmother Jane Blair. We both really love being namesakes and therefore really wanted to give that special gift to our daughter as well.  So we knew we really wanted to stick to names that were directly related to our families of origin or would pay some type of homage to the loved ones in our lives. Therefore all of the names that we had chosen were in some way, shape or form came from one of our family trees. So after we had went through those couple baby name books, and our family names, we sat down and took a good look at each name and their meanings next to each other and slowly deciphered which ones we liked better than the others which took shape in the form of a list of the names we liked from greatest to least. And that’s how we ended up with Annabelle Jane! Annabelle just kept beating out the other names we had liked for our little girl, until we realized it was at the top of the list and therefore was the name that we both equally loved the most and felt our little one was meant to be called. 🙂


So as we mentioned above the meaning behind our daughters name is pretty valuable to us since we stuck with family names/names that were in some way related back to our families.

Annabelle is a form of Anne which is a name that holds many different derivatives including Anita which was Matt’s great-grandmothers (or Mor-Mor as he called her in Swedish) name and aside from it just sounding so utterly sweet to both of us it holds a really beautiful meaning. Annabelle means loving/lovely, gracious/graceful, joyful and beautiful. Once we heard that we were pretty much set on this name because of the family ties and the meaning. Seriously, what little girl/ woman wouldn’t love that meaning!?! Plus, we can’t help but be a little biased and completely believe she is every bit of those things! 🙂


As for Jane it was my grandmothers name whom Matt and I both were very close too, that passed away in July. Her full name was Jane Blair. I was her name sake and we had a very strong connection. Because of this Matt and I had always discussed naming our daughter after her if we were ever blessed enough to be given such a sweet gift from The Lord, which just happens to be the meaning of Jane as well – a gift from God – and there was never a doubt in out minds that this little girl was just that a perfect gift from Him.


Then we put the two meanings together and that’s when we completely fell in love because it is exactly what she has been and will continue to be in our lives! Annabelle Jane – A loving/lovely, gracious/graceful, joyful, beautiful gift from God. After that there was no going back, we both knew that this was the name God had placed in our hearts to give to our little girl. That this was the name He had chosen for her Himself! And everyday since we have looked forward to meeting our little good and perfect gift from above that we have been praying over for by name. 🙂


Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair

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