To Our Loved Ones Near & Far,

  What a year full of love, surprises, new adventures and growth two thousand and fifteen has been for our little family of, now, three!! J It seems like just yesterday we were writing our Christmas letter for the end of two thousand fourteen, looking forward to all that God would have in store for us in the new year, and now here we are, at the end of that said “new year” about to begin another. Without fail, yet again, we find ourselves reflecting on all the goodness and grace God has shown us throughout this past year, and our hearts are instantly swelled with anticipation to see His plan unfold and to be used by Him in this upcoming year!

Christmas_Card_2015-01 Christmas_Card_2015-02

There was so much life that happened for us from the very beginning to the very end of 2015 that even as we are still living it out right now we know that this year is definitely one for the memory books in our family! For starters we bought our first house, which sits on the cusp of Florence and Union, KY, in the beginning of March and we immediately started making it our home! This is partly due to the fact that it was a steal of a deal foreclosure in one of the best areas in Northern Kentucky, and therefore we had to hit the ground running with some home renovations to make it livable. But it has always been a dream of ours to fix up a home together so we were actually really looking forward to all the DIY projects that we got to do to together get our own little family fixer-upper move in ready! That being said we have been loving every moment of homeownership, and even though it was hard a times to wait until we were truly ready to buy a house of our own we are so glad we did. God’s timing proved to be the perfect timing, as it always does, and this house has been nothing short of a huge blessing in our lives!

The day we purchased our first home!
Moving day!
Being carried over the threshold into our first home!!
Bringing Annabelle Jane home! :)
Bringing Annabelle Jane home! 🙂

On that note, it’s so amazing how God’s timing perfectly coincides with other life events. We don’t always know what is going on in the grand scope of His plan and therefore we have to trust Him with what we don’t understand in the moment, but it is so amazing when we are given the opportunity to look back and see how and why He was working in different situations to fit it all together all along! We were given a great example of this; this year in finding out we were pregnant about a month after we moved into our home! Of course we were already thankful for the gift of homeownership and definitely knew that the home God had provided for us would be plenty of space for our family to grow into in the coming years, we just had no idea that God would start expanding our family as early as moving day! lol Are we ever so elated He did though! J Needless to say there have been many more blessings He has lavished us with throughout this year, but none compare to finding out God is giving us our sweet Annabelle Jane in December! We are both so overjoyed and filled to the brim with excitement over meeting her and beginning this new season in our marriage and family as parents! It still feels surreal at times to think that God would entrust such a precious gift of love to us. All we can say is we are truly humbled and overcome with thankfulness by His goodness and grace.



Surprise!! Baby Sweet P is a girl!!!!!


We were instantly in love! ❤


Pure joy! ❤


Annabelle Jane Pomeroy snug as a bug in a rug in her first Birthday gift from her momma and daddy ❤


Our greatest Christmas gift this year!


Annabelle in one of her momma’s Christmas outfits from when she was a baby (:

  We were also fortunate enough to take a weeklong trip to Ana Maria Island, FL to celebrate our 4th/fruit & flower wedding anniversary/babymoon in August! It was our first time visiting that part of Florida together and we had an incredible trip! The island is the cutest little sleepy beach town we ever did see which made for the perfect place for the two of us to escape and just spend a lot of quality time together making memories, and relaxing before things got busy preparing for Annabelle’s arrival this winter. It was definitely a vacation that will not soon, if ever, be forgotten as we both agreed it was the best trip we have taken together to date thus far!


Best way to welcome our 5th year of marriage; a beach side stroll at sunset! 🙂
Seriously look at that water!! The bluest we've even seen!
Seriously look at that water!! The bluest we’ve even seen!



God’s glory!

As if all that wasn’t enough to make our entire 2015 one for the books, Matt celebrated his one-year anniversary with his company Citi Group by being promoted to Operations Assistant Manager over a new department and therefore received a double raise! As you can imagine this was definitely a welcomed transition with a new home and new baby on the way! Because of God’s provision, through Matt’s job, Blair will be able to stay home and take care of Annabelle, as well as any future little Pomeroy’s, that God decides to send our way which is something that we have both felt a very strong calling to since before we were even married! It has been amazing to see how God has planted the seeds of His will in our hearts, cultivated those seeds over time, and then provided for His plan to be worked out in our life at just the right moment, over & over again, and this year has been no exception!

Matt’s first day as an Assistant Manager at Citi! Were so proud of him! 🙂

  To wrap it all up, we would have to say that God used this year, and the events in it, to truly teach us about His perfect timing, His good plan, and how He is ultimately in control of all circumstances. Of course we end 2015 just as we had began it, with hearts over flowing in gratitude and love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray that your Christmas is trimmed with the love, joy and peace of knowing Him and trusting your life in His gentle hands. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 

Much love & prayer,

Matt, Blair, Annabelle, Kirby & Dixie

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