**So, we had originally intended posting this on Annabelle’s due date December 11, 2015, but seeing as she decided to be born on her due date it never made out since we were a little preoccupied lol So, here it is! Our last, and finally bump-date before Annabelle Jane was born! **

Well here we are friends at the beginning of December, in our very last and final trimester, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our undoubtedly most favorite little Christmas gift this year! I can hardly believe our Annabelle Jane will be here at the very latest by Christmas Day! Even though I can not wait for our daughter to be here and to get to finally meet her in person, face to face, and to get to know all the little quirks and personality traits that make her unique I feel as though this pregnancy flew by before my eyes. Maybe I am a strange woman, but I have absolutely loved every second of being pregnant with Annabelle! Even on the days where my heartburn is raging or I when I felt exhausted during my first trimester I still loved knowing that God was using me, and the love that Matt and I shared with Him for each other, to create a miracle inside of my body. I loved knowing that all those pregnancy symptoms were my bodies way of making sure Annabelle was getting all the good hormones and nutrition she needed to thrive in her development. I have loved feeling every single little summer salt, kick and hiccup she has made in my belly. I loved getting the opportunity to share those movements with Matt and our family (when she will let them find her, seriously this girl could be the hide-and-seek champion of the world lol). I have loved watching my belly move and hearing her respond to the sound of my voice, or Matt’s voice, as we talk to her and pray over her together at night before bed. It has been such a sweet season filled with so many lovely moments and unforgettable memories. When it began 9 months ago it felt like we had all the time in the world to be together, just her and I, and now that time is almost over. I guess I am in a way a little selfish for not wanting this season to come to a close. For not wanting to share her with the outside world just yet, but from what I understand as I near her birthday I will become increasingly more uncomfortable and that will probably help with being more and more ready for her to enter our world and become apart of our family on the outside, rather than the inside… or at least I hope so lol As they say, one thing must end for a new thing to begin, and in the end I am more excited about the new beginning and the start of Annabelle’s life on the outside than I am about the end of our pregnancy and time together just the two of us.



Highlights: Baby showers! Maternity photos! Revealing Annabelle Jane’s name! Matt getting a promotion to Assistant Manager of Citi Credit Operations, and a double raise to boot! Finishing Annabelle’s nursery! Nesting up a storm and meal prepping enough meals to last at least three months, if not more! Matt getting a new schedule with Friday’s and Saturdays off that allowed for ample quality time and lots of date nights/days! Bradley birth classes and a breastfeeding class! Hospital tour and hospital registration! Passing our Strep B test! Two prenatal massages and a pedicure! And of course becoming full term and getting ready to meet our daughter! I think it’s safe to say that this last trimester was filled to the brim with fun adventures and really sweet moments that have become memories that will inevitably last a lifetime for the both of us! 🙂



Emotions: As you can probably guess we are pretty excited and really anticipating meeting our little Sweet P! Being in our final last weeks and technically being full term is like the best wrap up to the most long awaited surprise Christmas present! We’ve known that she was on her way practically all year and prayed for her safety and development just as long, if not longer, because even though we didn’t know it was Annabelle, at the time, we have been praying for our future children since the beginning of our marriage, and now the time is finally here! We finally get to meet our little good and perfect gift from our Abba Father in person!!

At the same time though, like any first time mother, or maybe it’s just me, I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that the excitement, anticipation and joy is also mixed with a bit of anxiousness. I’ve never given birth before and therefore I’m not really sure what to expect. Sure, we’ve taken all the steps we can to prepare for the experience. We’ve read books, taken extensive natural child birthing classes, surrounded ourselves with positive people in our lives who build us up and pray for this upcoming time. We’ve talked to friends and family members who’ve given birth who have encouraged us immensely. We’ve even been doing specific exercises and eating specific foods that are meant to aid and shorten labor since our first trimester! And of course Matt and I have prayed about it every single day since we’ve found out we were expecting. But no matter how much we prepare, just like with any really good surprise, there is a sense of unknown. There are things that no matter how much we do to prepare now, are just simply out of our control when it comes to birth.

Prayer though, is the one thing that I have found really calms any nervousness I have over birth. Like I said we have been praying throughout our entire pregnancy but as the big day draws near I have been specifically praying more and more about Annabelle’s birth. I feel that one of the greatest lessons God’s been teaching me specifically this year is how to not be in control, because I am not, and He is. From finding out that our little surprise bundle of joy was on her way, throughout our entire pregnancy and now the whole experience getting ready to culminate with her birth, God has been showing me how He is in ultimate control over every circumstance great and small, known and unknown, foreseen and surprise. He’s shown me this year that I don’t always know what His plans are. Actually I rarely do and when something does seem to go somewhat as I expected, it’s less about me anticipating it beforehand and so much more about God giving me a small glimpse (small being the pivotal word) into His will and not because I’ve done anything insightful but just because He loves me and see fit to reveal it to me at that moment in time…and that His timing is always perfect timing. 🙂

So really relinquishing that control over to God in the circumstances that I have no control over when it comes to birth and therefore choosing to trust Him and His grand design for my body, Annabelles body and how they work in tandem during birth instead of being fearful over the things I do not know has brought so much peace surrounding these last couple of weeks. I have also been praying specific scriptures and using them as our birth affirmations to cling to the promises God has given us in His word. So whenever I have a doubt or discouraging thought pop into my head I immediately pray over it, give the control over to my Abba Father and trust His judgement about the future because I know 1). He loves me, Annabelle and Matt.  2). That He is good, His plans are good and therefore and meant for good, not harm when it comes to our lives. 3). That we are a marvelous work of His, made fearfully and wonderfully and created for this very purpose and therefore birth is a natural and normal life experience. 4). That He is a God of completion and the good work He has started in me He will faithfully see through till it is fully finished just as He has done faithfully in other areas of my life and 4).That He did not create us with a spirit of fear but a sound mind and therefore I have no reason to worry because of all the latter stated reasons. 🙂


Cravings: Can I just say how wonderful it is to be pregnant during the Holiday season!!!! There are so many delicious seasonal favorites that I look forward to all year long that I can only get between the months of October – December! And being pregnant makes them all taste 10 times better!!!! I wouldn’t say I was specifically craving anything. I just wanted to eat all the usual goodies that sound amazing all year long, but for some reason they tasted so much better this year! Must be all the joy we have for expecting our little Princess Sweet P, on top of this already joyous season shared with our loved ones!  Some of the treats we enjoyed were Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Decaf of course, Gram’s Apple Pie, Mompoms Pecan and Pumpkin Pie, my moms homemade toffee recipe, Bourbon Balls, and everything that a traditional Thanksgiving Day feast is made up of especially the homemade cranberry sauce (I may have made two batches in November just for myself to eat at home prior to Thanksgiving lol), stuffing and green bean casserole! Also, something that is great about being pregnant during Thanksgiving is that you have an excuse to eat the entire day, and to go back for seconds! Not for the reason you are thinking of though. For me it wasn’t so much that I was “eating for two” as it was I had severe heartburn and my doctor informed me that I should eat small portions through out the entire day versus one big meal at the end of it. This really helped keep me from being miserable on Thanksgiving night after it was all said and done, and allowed me to be an official taste tester!! lol


Aversions: There was nothing really specific that I was averse to during my last trimester. It was actually quite the opposite! Almost everything that normally would sound delicious to me did, with the exception of foods that made my heartburn flair up… which was pretty much everything towards the end of those last couple weeks, even breathing air and drinking water lol So I guess when I think about it that way I didn’t necessarily have any aversions but my body sure did. The old wives tales say that heartburn means your baby is sprouting lots of hair on it’s head which would be a good thing for little Miss Annabelle since we have a pretty sizable stash of bows collecting up in her nursery already. Seriously, the girl isn’t even born yet and she has a bow in every color! lol  So lets hope that little fact is true because it’s kind of the one thing that is getting me through each bought of hourly heartburn these days lol



Other Symptoms: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNABELLE JANE POMEROY!!!! So from all that we had been told it is pretty uncommon for your baby to be born on it’s actual due date. Therefore both Matt and I never anticipated our sweet baby girl being born on her due date, but to be honest we probably should have known better since our little Princess Sweet P has been a master mind at surprising us from the very beginning. 🙂  Therefore we thought it only fitting to get our final 40 week bump date picture with our greatest surprise present of all time, since it was after all her birthday! 🙂

Also, on a side note for anyone wondering, the moment Annabelle was here was the exact moment I was more then happy to not be pregnant anymore. Having her here in person, rocking her to sleep in my arms is SO much better then sitting in her nursery, rocking in her glider with her in my belly dreaming about the day when I would one day hold her and rock her to sleep. Actually seeing her move or watching her eyes light up at the sound of my voice, or her daddy’s, is some much more fun then just feeling it on the inside and wondering what that response would be like. Pregnancy was most definitely a sweet time in our family friends, and a season that will forever be cherished and remembered with fondness, but this new season is so much sweeter and only continues to grow more infinitely sweet with each passing day she is in our lives. ❤ ❤ ❤

Again, another good lesson learned that when one chapter comes to a close, don’t be sad, but instead rejoice because a new, even better, more love and joy filled chapter is about to begin! 🙂



Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

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