How has it already been a month since Annabelle came into our lives!?! It feels like just yesterday we were sitting up all night long holding her in a hospital room because we couldn’t stop starring at her, she was just too beautiful to look away from. And now here we are a month later and even though she is still so tiny and frail she also seems so much bigger than she was just a month ago. I swear there is not enough time in the day because even though we intentionally do our very best to soak it all in it still feels like we close our eyes for a second and she’s changed so much, but maybe that’s because we’re noticing every single detail, the grand and the small, instead of it being because were missing things.

So in the spirit of trying to take captive each moment and remember as much as we can, we thought it would be a good idea to record what happens in her life and how she grows and changes each month on here in a seriously of monthly updates for her first year.

1 month old!!
1 month old!!


First week home from the hospital <3
First week home from the hospital ❤


Measurements: We had our 1 month check up last week and found out that our little Miss Annabelle Jane is in the 50th percentile for all categories! We weren’t really surprised by this because Matt and I both have petite/average size frames so for her to be around the 50th percentile is what we would expect. What we didn’t anticipate was Annabelle originally being in the 85th percentile after she was born lol  We loved every inch and pound of her from the very beginning anyways though, and would have continued to be completely smitten with her no matter what her size she was or what percentile she fell into because we know that God created the perfect body just for her to carry out His kingdom purposed on this earth! 🙂 She currently weighs 9 pounds and 4 ounces and is 21 and a half inches long! 🙂



Best Moment: There have been so many wonderful moments during Annabelle’s 1st month of life that it is really hard to just pick one. So instead we’re going to choose an overall arching theme that made every single memory during Annabelle’s first month in our family that much sweeter – Having Matt home for the entire first month of Annabelle’s life! We were super blessed that Matt was able to take off work for a whole month to stay home with us to bond as we all adjusted to the new normal of family life in The Pomeroy household. I truly do believe that is what made the transition from a family of two to three go so smoothly during her 1st month. I know that it’s not the norm for paternity leave to be that long in the U.S. but I really can’t even begin to imagine what our first month would have been like if Matt hadn’t been home for as long as he was. He took such good care of not only Annabelle but also our home and me during my postpartum healing phase. We practically spent the first month of Annabelle’s life just the three of us cuddled up in bed together watching Christmas movies and eating brownie sundaes or homemade chicken potpie, that I had meal prepped for us in advance, while Annabelle napped in our arms. We literally only came down stairs when we had visitors. It was such a sweet time of just being together loving and showing ample grace to one another as we bonded as a family with our little one. 




Worst Moment: Hands down the worst moment of Annabelles first month was definitely her poor little tummy’s gas pains. Starting at 3 weeks old practically every night, with a few rare exceptions, from 5-7pm, sometime till 8pm, our poor little Anna-banana-belle would let out these gut wrenching cries as she began to pump her little legs back and forth during her early evening nap. They were by far the worst, most heart wrenching sounds I have ever heard in my life, and every time she cried, I cried too. There’s truly nothing worse than hearing your child suffer and not being able to alleviate it right away. The only thing that would sooth her was to hold her and rock her back and forth while we both sang to her until the gas passes out of her system. From what we understand gas it’s super common in newborns to have gas pains because their little intestines aren’t fully finished developing so for the first few months of life, usually around dinner time, things just seem to get stopped up. We have a system down now though that seems to be working wonders for our sweet girl. I’ll share it just incase there are any other young mommas going through the same or similar thing. Before each feeding we give Annabelle 0.3ml of Mylicon drops. Then at her 4pm feeding we give her the usual dose of Mylicon, followed by 5ml of Gripe Water, followed by 1.25 ml of Tylenol to take the edge off the pain. We then burp her before each feeding, in the middle of each feeding/as needed and then again at the very end of each feeding and we use The Doctor Brown’s Bottles when Matt gives her a bottle of breastmilk each night. 🙂  Following this regimen really has helped a lot with her tummy trouble and has seemed to really stave off/relieve her gas before it gets to the point that it becomes unbearably painful. Also we can’t discount the power of prayer. We have been praying over her little tummy and that God would give us wisdom to help her remedy it every day and night since her gas first appeared.



Favorite Things: Annabelle loves being rocked while having her bottom patted. She loves it when Matt and I sing her the lullabies that she listened too while she was in my tummy. She loves the warmth of the water during bath time in her Blooming Bath and when daddy plays with her hair and gives her a mohawk or baby comb-over that could rival Donald Trumps. lol She likes tummy time for the most part as long as it is on either mine, Matt’s or someone else’s tummy so she can snuggle at that same time, because she loves to snuggle! She doesn’t care if it’s in our arms or the moby wrap she loves her cuddle time. It really is the sweetest thing. She will look up at us, just starring and studying our faces and what we are saying to her and then when she gets tired she’ll lay her head on our chest. She also really likes to have her cheek resting against our cheeks or to snuggle into the crooks of our necks. 🙂 She loves looking around and taking in the sights of whatever is in her view, especially looking at Matt and I, and she loves to hold conversations (that are mostly one sided lol) with us as well. lol She also loves to eat and she loves her momma’s milk! Whether it’s taking a bottle with daddy or nursing with momma, Annabelle doesn’t care where her food is coming from as long as it’s warm and she has someone to cuddle with during her feeding. Seriously, did we mention how much our little Princess Sweet P loves to snuggle! ❤ She also discovered a love for her Pacifier, which we had to break the habit of her sleeping with because it would continuously fall out of her mouth every five minutes waking her up each time, and then she wouldn’t go back to sleep without it. So she wasn’t getting any sleep because every five minutes the cycle would repeat. We do still have it though just in case of emergencies. Lastly, this girl loves to smile! Annabelle doesn’t flash big cheesy grins, they’re more on the demure, bashful,sweet and sly side of the smiley face spectrum but they are heart-winning nonetheless. ❤

Our smiling girl! <3
Our smiling girl! ❤

Highlights: Pretty much everything in Annabelle’s favorites category! She also had her first road trip to Lexington,KY when our friend Robin shot some newborn photos of her. We also had our friend Ashley take some at-home photos of her as well. Annabelle also passed both her one week check up and 1 month appointment with flying colors. She was up pasted her birth weight in 6 days and therefore slept through the night for the first time at 2 weeks and consistently started sleeping the night at 3 weeks! She currently sleeps a 7 hour stretch every night from midnight to 7am which her momma and daddy are super happy about! She also started sleeping in her crib in her room at 4 weeks old and will nap in her crib, cradle, pack-n-play, carseat or of course momma and daddy’s arms. Her neck strength is also really good! She’s been able to hold her neck up since a week and a half and has been doing so progressively longer with each week. She usually does about 10 minute intervals of tummy time during each daytime wake period right now. Since Annabelle was born on December 11th she also celebrated her first Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day as well with in her first month of life. Although I highly doubt she will remember it she was sandwiched between Matt and I for a New Years Eve kiss at midnight lol Annabelle also had her first “Mimi and Annabelle” as well as “Grandma, Gram and Aunt Kiki D and Annabelle” dates so her momma and daddy could go on a couple date nights out! She also had a lot of visitors who stopped by to meet her for the first time and several visits with Mimi, Grandma, Gram and Aunt Kiki D! 🙂

All in all it was a pretty spectacular first month of life for our Annabelle Jane.

Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair

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