As I was holding Annabelle tonight in my arms, rocking her back and forth and cherishing these precious moments when she not just wants me but needs me to comfort her to sleep, I was reminded of how blessed we are that God gave us a lovely little girl. How blessed I am that I get to sing over and comfort such a sweet, tender, beloved little being just like God sings over and comforts me.
Those thoughts of thankfulness for our most good and perfect gift this year, our little Christmas baby, our sweet Annabelle took me back to one of our fondest memories from 2015. They took me back to the day we found out we were having our darling daughter and all the love, joy, excitement and anticipation we felt during that sweet time that only continued to build until the day we met her face to face in December. 

Big yellow envelope that held the secret!
Big yellow envelope that held the secret of if we would be having a sweet little cupcake or a handsome stud muffin! lol

I’m sure by now everyone could guess that Baby Sweet P was indeed a she, but in the spirit of reminiscing I finally want to share the story with you today. The story of how we found out we were expecting our sweet little Princess P – Our Annabelle Jane.

Part of the reason it has taken me so long to share this story is because as  truly beautiful and joy-filled as it is there was a bit of bitter to the sweetness. You see part of the reason this story has been a long time coming is because a few days before Matt and I found out we were having a beautiful baby girl my Mawmaw, Jane Blair, went to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It took me a while to process all the happy emotions I had over having a baby girl mixed with all the grieving ones I felt for missing my grandmother  as well,and therefore this was a story that I couldn’t really write about until now. As abundantly happy as I was that we were having a daughter I was also sad that my Mawmaw would never get to meet her, and that I would never get the joy of getting to see her meet my daughter, her great granddaughter, and second name sake, on this side of heaven. For those of you who don’t know, or couldn’t guess, I had a very special and close relationship with my Mawmaw. I was named after her and for as long as I can remember she has always been my most favorite woman. I loved spending time with her. When I was younger it seemed I was at her house practically all summer long because I was on break from school and her home was my favorite place to be, probably because she would let me stay up till midnight snuggling with her on the couch, drinking Diet Coke and eating candy while we watched her soap operas. lol And when I grew up and met Matt she loved him and accepted him as if he was her very own grandson practically right away. I still remember her joy the day she found out he was going to propose on Christmas morning and how hard it was for her to keep the secret because she was so filled with excitement that we were getting married! I can still picture the smile that she wore all day during our wedding. She loved the way he loves me. She loved knowing that I was marrying a man that was so much like her favorite person in the whole world, her husband and my Pawpaw, because she knew I would be loved unconditionally, protected and provided for by a man who would be loyal and kind to me and show me grace even on the days that I am far from deserving of it.
That being said my Mawmaw loved cuddling babies, especially her grand babies and great grand babies, but didn’t think she was ever going to get to see us become pregnant let along cuddle our baby because she was really sick and Matt and I weren’t ready to start trying for children. So I am sure you can imagine her surprise and excitement when we told her the news that she had been waiting to hear for over 4 years, that we were finally expecting! lol And since the moment she had found out my Mawmaw was convinced that we were having a little girl! So to not have her there for that moment was really difficult because she would have been so overwhelmed with joy that she was going to have another great-granddaughter to spoil and love on. And that is why it has taken me so long to share this story from Annabelle’s pregnancy because it has taken me this long to be okay with the fact that she wasn’t physically there for it…. but that she was there in our hearts and spirit instead.
It’s still a story that I have wanted to share though and therefore have been emotionally working up to sharing for quite some time because even though my Mawmaw wasn’t there to find out we were having a daughter it is still a memory that is filled with so much joy and love and was a bright moment of happy relief in an other wise really hard time for our family.

The big box of surprises!!
The big box of surprises!!

So here we go…

Since the very beginning of our pregnancy I was for certain our Sweet P was going to be a he. Based off of all the old wives tales that’s what  they predicted I was supposed to be carrying but Matt had a gut feeling, call it daddy’s intuition, that our little one was most definitely a she. He was so certain that we were having a daughter that when he would talk to and pray over her at night he would do so by name, calling her Annabelle Jane!! I guess you could say that we both just wanted a “mini-me” of our spouse running around and filling our home with extra life because that’s how much we both love each other 🙂

Our family had been patiently waiting and anticipating this sweet child for quite some time so we thought it would be a fun idea to include our loved ones and throw a gender reveal party so we could all find out together what our most favored little Christmas present of 2015 was going to be! Out of excitement everyone had been taking guesses up to that point as to what our Sweet P would be! Some sided with Matt on team girl but almost everyone was for sure our little one was a baby boy, just like I was lol.

Team Boy
Team Boy
Team Girl
Team Girl
Old Wives Tales Board
Old Wives Tales Board

Matt and I had went to the ultrasound a week and a half earlier and had been keeping the big yellow envelope, that the technician gave us, sealed and out of sight so we wouldn’t give into our excitement and look ahead of time. lol We even made up some extra amended wedding vows the night we came home from the ultrasound, right there in our kitchen lol, that we would not take an early sneak peak but would wait to find out if we were going to have a son or daughter with the rest of our family at the gender reveal party, in a week. We had planned this party for our family about a month in advance and had been working on it little by little for just as long. Our house has slowly been turning into a sea of Blue and Pink decorations as we prepared for it in advance! We really wanted to allow our loved ones to share in our joy, as well as us share in theirs, when we found out what we were having. So that made it easier to wait and allow the anticipation to build! 🙂

So on Friday, July 10, 2015 we filled our home with as many loved ones we could fit who lived in the area  (and also thanks to technology a few through skype and telephone calls who could not make it in person 🙂  ) to finally find out what our baby Sweet P would be!

We decided to go all out with theme and do everything up as fun as possible! Matt put his graphic design skills to work and made really cute invitations telling everyone to come to “The Pomeroy Bakery” to find out what was baking in the oven, a sweet cupcake or a handsome stud muffin lol. We had all things baby boy or girl! We had a sugar and spice and everything nice or snips snails and puppy do tails dessert themed table. We had fun name and gender guessing games. We even took our family room and made it into a homemade photo booth where our friends and family could pose with either team boy or team girl signs and props! 🙂 And of course we had the classic pink or blue themed colors everywhere including the punch bowls since our guests could choose from either Bouncing “Baby Boy Blue Punch” or “Pretty Girl In Pink Punch” lol And Matt had this really fun idea to have everyone to come dressed in blue if they were team boy or pink is they were team girl so that we could clearly see which side everyone was casting their vote on lol

The sign that hung on our front door!


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice - side if the desert table
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice – side if the desert table had yummy Pink Strawberry Cupcakes and Pink Strawberry Lemonade Bars!
Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog tails - side of the dessert table
Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog tails – side of the dessert table complete with Blue Funfetti Cupcakes and Dirt Cups lol
Games and favors!
Games and favors!



I will never forget how slowly the time seemed to pass that Friday. It felt like it took forever until it was finally time to open the box we had a friendly lady at our local Party City Store, named Tiffany who was REALLY excited about the gender of our baby lol, stuff with balloons indicating the sex of our little Sweet P. I could hardly wait for Matt and I to open that pink and blue decorated box! I could hardly wait to find out what God was going to be giving us, a sweet soon or a darling daughter to love and call ours. I’d be lying though if I didn’t say that part of me was nervous as to how I would react if we found out we were having a girl since my Mawmaw had just passed away. Would I be able to hold it together? Would I loose it and barry my face in Matt’s shirt and start to sob in front of everyone because of all the emotions I had been feeling  that week over missing her as well as knowing how badly she would have wanted to have been there for this moment, and that we were going to be naming this sweet little one after her, in honor of her, if it was indeed a girl? Only time would tell.

As the guest started to arrive and everyone began to play the different gender games the anticipation Matt and I felt began to build until finally it hit a peak as the time had finally come! There we stood in front of all our loved ones who were also anxiously watching as Matt and I stepped to either side of the box, placed our hands on it’s edges, counted to three and gave each other a knowing glance as we both opened it’s lid together and our came a sea of….



Getting ready to open the box!
Getting ready to open the box!





looking at our little sweet P and knowing she was a she for the firs time :) <3
looking at our little sweet P and knowing she was a she for the first time 🙂 ❤
Talking to some family on Facetime about how excited we were to be having a daughter!!! <3
Talking to some family on Face time about how excited we were to be having a daughter!!! ❤


All I could see was Pink!! Pink Balloons floating!! And my heart immediately swelled with more love, joy and excitement then I even knew it could ever hold right in that moment! I was so filled with happiness and surprise that I literally jumped for joy and covered my mouth as I let out a slight excited squeal and my eyes lit up with light! Matt on the other hand had the largest, most incredibly genuine smile across his face as he stood next to the box in calm excitement saying “I knew it!” and clapping his hands with happiness! lol He then looked over at me, as I was still in this excited state of aw, pushed the box out of the way and took me in his arms giving me a big hug and kiss! And in that moment there was no sadness, or longing, or missing my grandmother for the first time that week. There was just pure excitement, joy and love over finding out we were being blessed with our sweet little Annabelle Jane Pomeroy.

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

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