They say that with your second (and other subsequent babies) pregnancy flies by because you are so busy taking care of another amazing little one. As someone who 1. has found that statement to be true and 2. LOVES being pregnant, I found myself thinking a lot about ways to be intentional about soaking up this special season of life in our family (and for me and this baby personally) so the time with this little one wouldn’t get away from me. I am not one of those people who just do life , in and out. I am not one of those people who is okay with just letting life slip by day by day. I want each day to count. I want each moment to be filled with intention and purpose for me and my family. This is not a mindset that comes naturally, this is something that I have to work at. It is something that I have to be intentional about and make a priority, or my days will get away from me.

When we were pregnant with Annabelle one of the ways I decided to be intentional about savoring that special time was by blogging and journaling a lot. I am definitely a journaler and a verbal processor (bless Matt for always lending his listening ears to help me sort through things). I have pretty much had a journal since I can remember. Even before I could write, I would draw little pictures and doodles of how  I was feeling or what my dreams and goals were about. In 2015 at that period of time in my life, while I was pregnant with Annabelle, I had 3 journals going. I had my good ole’ faithful prayer journal, my special pregnancy journal that I bought just to record special details about Annabelle’s pregnancy and I had a special devotional book that was geared towards pregnancy and trusting God with your babies life and birth that I also journaled in. It was, and still is, very therapeutic for me to just get my thoughts out in a safe space lol and now I frequently love looking back and reading through those books from that time in my life. It shows me time and time again of how faithful God was to me through every step of our pregnancy with Annabelle, and that type of reminiscing and remembering is very faith and trust building for me in my personal relationship with God. It reminds me just how BIG He is, and just how MUCH He cares for me and my family. That there is no need, worry, concern or thought that is too small to bring to Him, and that He actually wants to hear me tell Him my deepest fears and to trust Him with them.

So fast forward almost 2 years later to 2017 and what is one of the first ways I thought to personally be intentional, savor and record this time with this sweet baby… if you guessed journaling and blogging then you would be right! lol This pregnancy has already been so beautiful and so different in it’s own way from when I was pregnant the first time with Annabelle that I don’t want to miss a beat about it. I don’t want to miss one second of this incredible journey that I get the privilege to go on with God as He uses me to create a literal miracle, another human life made in His image!

Weeks 4-9!
Weeks 4-9!… I practically live in my UGG Knit’s in the winter time, or bare feet all the time, if you could’t tell already lol

How I’m feeling/ Symptoms – Today, I am feeling fine and dandy… but then again we are out of the woods of those 1st trimester pregnancy symptoms and now into the 2nd trimester, which is already looking to be golden! If you were to ask me this question just a few short weeks ago my answer would have been completely different. lol I was SO sick, although I didn’t actually get sick once, I just had nausea all. day. long. The regular tips and tricks that everyone told me about and that I used with Annabelle didn’t even put a dent in the queazy feeling this time around. If anything they actually made it worse to a certain extent. With Annabelle if I ate some crackers right away it would nip the icky feeling in the bud before it even onset, and if for some reason if came back during the morning it was always gone by 10 am at the latest. With this baby I eating something actually would make me feel sick to my stomach, but not eating would have the same affect. So I was pretty much in a rock and a hard place for a good month. And like I said, it didn’t dissipate after 10 am, but instead hung around all day. I didn’t have cravings but I had a couple specific foods that sounds somewhat palatable to me. Those were macaroni and cheese, saltine crackers and grapes. I know, an odd mixture lol And the only thing that really seemed to help manage it at all was ginger ale. I pretty much had a ginger ale on hand wherever I went. My mother in law was even sweet enough to thoughtfully keep a stash at her house for me over the holidays. So I had my “fix” where ever I went. lol I feel slightly terrible about this but I am pretty sure the only thing I drank for my entire 8th week of pregnancy was ginger ale. lol Luckily, I am more than making up for my water intake now 🙂

I also was super tired and pretty much had an early bed time as soon as Annabelle was asleep each night. lol

Weeks 10-13!
Weeks 10-13! Houston we have a bump!

How baby Sweet P’s doing – If my morning sickness and exhaustion are the tell tale signs of a healthy baby getting all the hormones they need to survive and thrive in the first trimester then I’d say it’s safe to say that this little one is doing just swimmingly! That coupled with the fact that we have gotten great updates from our Doctor each time we have had an appointment. My weight gain is right where it needs to be for the beginning of the second trimester as well which is another positive sign as to babies good health and development. And if that wasn’t enough to make a momma’s heart sing praises of joy each time we had gotten to hear it’s little heartbeat it is steady, strong and clear. It sounds like a little kick drum beat, thump, thump, thumping away in perfect time and rhythm without missing a beat. As for specific’s it’s little heartbeat is hanging out in the low 160’s around 163 bpm to be exact. We also got to see our little baby for the first time when we were 8 weeks pregnant through an ultrasound! She/he was very calm and steady, just hanging out with us. There was no sporadic movements like it’s sister at this stage. This little P-nut (see what I did there lol) was just as mellow as could be. I think it will be interesting to see if that is an indication of this little ones personality at all, if he/she will be calm, cool and collected like it’s daddy or if there is a little energetic, joyful personality just waiting to blossom and show it’s self at just the right time, like it’s mommy. 🙂

Highlights – So many fun things happened during these past couple months starting with getting to tell Matt that we were expecting. Planning special surprises for him is already one of my favorite past times, but planning how to tell him we are going to have a baby is on a whole other level of fun! I just love it! I love finding out myself, and then putting it together as fast as possible so I can tell him as quickly as possible before my excitement spills the beans for me lol And I absolutely LOVE seeing his reaction to the big news! That is definitely hands down THE best part! More on that at a later date though. I can’t share all the fun stories we have in one post! lol Then there was getting to share the news with Annabelle! Although I’m not sure just how much she really understood because she was only 11 months old at the time she did have some pretty interesting and timely responses to her daddy and I telling her she was going to be a big sister which we both got quite the kick out of lol. And then there was of course getting to share the news with the rest of our family and friends! That was fun in it’s own way since it was right around the holidays and Annabelle’s first birthday party! Of course we got a different pregnancy devotional and pregnancy journal to record all the in’s and out’s of this babies pregnancy and how God is preparing my heart this time around to be a mother to this child and that was really exciting for me! I felt like a kid on the first day of school getting to pick out new school supplies, nerdy and excited lol I can’t wait to look back a year from now with this little baby in my lap and read to them (like I do with Annabelle now) about the special story of their pregnancy and birth that is unfolding right now in the present.

Well that is pretty much all we have for now! Until Next Trimester friends!!

Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair



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