Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice. That’s what little girls are made of! ❤

A few months ago we hosted a small gender reveal party for our newest little Sweet P where we found out surrounded by our closest family members what this little one that God is blessing our family with is going to be! It was such a great memory to share such a sweet moment in our family with our closest loved ones.

We are so completely overjoyed to announce that God is giving us another sweet little girl to love and adore!

There are so many reasons why Matt and I are so thrilled that God is giving us another daughter but at the top of that list is definitely the fact that we are so excited for Annabelle (and this little girl) to have a sister so close in age (our two Princess Sweet P’s will be 20 months apart)! We just can’t wait to watch them become best friends and have a front row seat to watching that special bond between them grow and develop throughout the years. We are just so excited that they will have one another to grow up together with and know that this sweet little daughter of ours that God is adding to our family is going to bring so much joy, love and fun into all of our lives!
Literally since seeing the pink confetti we have been day dreaming about all the memories and fun times that we inevitably know our family, and more specifically our daughters, are in store for!

Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair

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