Both Matt and I can not believe that as I write this we are 38 weeks pregnant as of last Friday!!! This season in our family has been so sweet, but has went by so fast!!! Maybe it’s because our summer has been a whirl wind of fun between family trips, birthdays, graduations, family coming in town to visit, helping get Matt’s families farm ready to sell, raising (and keeping up with a very busy) toddler and the normal events that come along with this fun time of year like camping out with our friends for Fathers Day, celebrating Mothers Day  with our moms or all the fun traditions that come along with The 4th of July… o yeah.. and then theres always everything that goes into preparing to have another little one such as birth classes, meeting with our doula, doctors appointments, baby showers, nesting, getting Annabelles new room together as well as Baby Sweet P’s nursery together and preparing our hearts and marriage for the newborn days which are wonderful and memorable but also exhausting! lol All of that (and more that I am sure I’m forgetting to mention) might just be part of the reason why this pregnancy feels like it’s went by in the blink of an eye. It might just be part of the reason we haven’t had as much time to keep up with the good ole blog, which by the way we really appreciate those readers who emailed/messaged us telling us how much you missed reading our posts and hearing our thoughts here in this little corner of the internet we like to call home. It really was the encouragement we needed to say – Hey, no matter how long it’s been it’s never a bad thing to share, encourage and inspire others. So, sincerely thank you! 🙂

How I’m feeling/ Symptoms – All things considered I feel very blessed and very thankful to God for giving us another low risk, healthy, easy pregnancy with this 2nd daughter of ours. Sure I’ve had a few uncomfortable symptoms here and there such as heartburn, some mild sciatica and round ligament pain but nothing out of the normal range of whats to be expected when your body is growing, stretching,changing and basically doing the miraculous work of housing and developing another human being. I’m also super thankful that I haven’t been too tired (after we got through the 1st trimester) and have had ample energy to keep up with our very fun 19 month old during this exciting time in her life as well as that I haven’t had much swelling  since we are in the home stretches of our 3rd trimester now and it’s during the height of summertime (hello heat index of over 100 degrees on a daily basis!). That was something I was specifically anxious about but by God’s grace my shoes and rings still fit even in this summer heat! lol

Everyday has been a new adventure for this soon to be Big Sister!

Annabelle showing Auntie Em where her ears are!

The most exciting symptom that I’ve had though as of the last couple weeks would be the false labor! I’m probably just a weirdo but those random contractions have been very encouraging to me to know that my body is preparing itself and our daughter for birth. I also like the little reminder that it give me as to what exactly giving birth “feels” like. That coupled with a lot of intentional prayer, meditating on specific scriptures Gods given me about His trustworthiness, the faith that I have in God from the beautiful birthday He gave Annabelle and bringing us through her birth has just settled very real sense of peace in both mine and Matt’s spirit surrounding this next little girls birthday and any unknown details about it to us. There’s just something that really rallies your faith in God when you have seen Him (and continue to see Him) move that gives you the courage to go forth into the unknown, knowing that He who is so much greater, the one who reigns over all and created all is in control and even though you might not know what lies ahead you do know the one who holds the future is holding and keeping you. It’s exhilarating! We are actually anticipating with great joy and excitement this little girls birth and the beautiful, spiritual experience we know it is destined to be with our God and each other.

Pool Hangs with Auntie Em and the rest of the fam!

How baby Sweet P’s doing – In short – she’s doing great! She’s been measuring just perfectly though she’s on the smaller side from what our doctor has said, but we know that whatever her size is just right for who God is creating her to be. In the last month or so we have really been loving getting to feel and watch her move as she has been running more and more out of room. She is still a very gentle little mover though. She doesn’t make the big tummy rolls and flips like Annabelle did but instead enjoys just swiftly sticking her hand or foot out in response against mine or Matt’s when she feels us touching her. She is pretty rhythmic in her movement too and really likes being active between 1-3pm and 10-12am. Those are the times of days that she is definitely most active, probably because it’s the times of day when I’m least active lol.  We are really looking forward to meeting her and getting to know her personality in the next coming month once she makes her appearance! I personally can’t wait to see if her gentle nature is something that will be apparent once she’s outside of my tummy just like it is now.

Annual Fathers Day Campout with our Framily!
4th of July baby bumping with this big sis/lil sis team!

Highlights – So many fun things happened in the last 23 weeks! We found out that God was giving us another sweet little daughter in our Sweet P and are so thrilled that we will have two girls that are so close in age! We just know that they are going to be the best of friends and are really thankful that God has given them each other. We had our 20 week anatomy scan and got to see our little Sweet P and hear wonderful news about her development which we are super thankful for because we know that is not everyones reality.

With our sweet healthy baby girl right after our 20 week anatomy scan!
Birth class with both our girls!
Got this beauty set up and ready to go in our bedroom!

We completed Annabelle’s big girl room and transitioned her to a toddler bed, which freed up the crib and nursery for Sweet P which we just finished decorating in the last week or so. One of my favorite things to do during Annabelle’s nap time is to go into Sweet P’s room, sit in her rocking chair and just day dream for a few minutes about how wonderful it’s going to be to have her in our family. I know God has some really great things planned for her life and for our family by bringing her into it!

Helping Daddy paint!

Annabelles first night in her big girl bed that her Daddy built just for her in her big girl bedroom back at the beginning of April!

Matt and I also went on a short little weekend babymoon (or minimoon as we liked to call it lol) to the Smokey Mountains back in May. We love our family and the life that God has created between the two of us, but it was really nice to get away just the two of us for a couple of nights and reconnect outside the realm of parenthood and instead just as partners. That being said I am so thankful that God gave us some amazing mom’s who are even more amazing grandma’s to our girls. I know we wouldn’t enjoy those little weekend getaways near as much if we didn’t know 100% that we were leaving them with people who love them, care for them and want to see them flourish just as much as we do. It is the whole reason that we can fully enjoy one another when we are away and not have any worry or hesitation in the back of our minds about how our girls are doing because we know they are having the time of their lives eating ice cream, shopping, reading books and playing with their Grandma, Mimi or Aunt Kiki.

Classic Babymoon bump picture!

Hiked all the way up to the top of a waterfall with this guy! ❤

On that note these same amazing women spoiled me and this little Sweet P with the most beautiful and fun baby sprinkle just a couple weeks ago. It was just such a fun time to come together with some of the most cherish relationships I have in my life and celebrate this sweet little girl that God is bringing into the world here shortly. To see how loved she is already by some of the most important, influential and meaningful women in my life really touched me, especially during a very sweet prayer time that my mom, mother in love and best friend surprised me with where Baby Sweet P, Matt and I were lifted up to The Lord. Moments like those are ones that I will forever remember and cherish as I look back on this pregnancy with our Sweet P.

Some of the most amazing women I know! So blessed to have each of them in my life and my girls lives! Relationships like the ones I have with these women are what make life sweet.
The sprinkle themed table decorations for our Sweet P’s baby sprinkle!
My mother in law had this great idea to have everyone write a special message in a book she bought just for our Sweet P! We can’t wait to read it to her along with all the sweet inscriptions from the most influential women in her life.
It has been a baby boom for our friend group!… all boys but Sweet P is ending us on a sugar, spice and everything nice note lol She is going to have her hands full running around with these guys for sure.. or maybe she’ll be keeping them on their toes instead lol
The Mom-osa Bar was a big hit!

I’m just a little excited about having two girls so close in age to put into matching outfits just like my sisters and cousins used to wear together all the time!
A beautiful keepsake quilt for Baby Sweet P from my dear friend Rachael. I can’t wait to have special events from her life inscribed on it, starting with her birthday!


Much love & prayer,


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