Something about coming to an end of a season and getting ready to begin a new one has a way of making you just want to reminisce am I right?! The other night Matt and I watched some home videos that we took during this pregnancy which got me thinking about how thankful I am for what a great time it has been in our family. So we thought why not share a couple of those stories and videos here just for fun!

How Baby Sweet P Came To Be

Matt and I have always known that we wanted to have a big family, it’s actually one of the first things that we bonded over when we started dating. We also have always said that we wanted to have our kids pretty close in age. We both grew up with siblings that we’re close to us in age and though there were fights like no other at times we both see what a gift it is to have someone who is around your age group to grow up with especially now that we are older… plus, to each their own, but for us we always felt that it would be best to just get each phase over with rather than having to go back to the newborn, toddler or teenager phase all over again… although that being said we can totally see the value in having an older sibling when it comes to babysitting lol 🙂

So when we got the best surprise of a lifetime and found out we were pregnant with Annabelle back in March 2015 we also knew that along with that would begin a fun season for our family of (God willing) having multiple babies in the coming years whether that be biologically or through adoption. We knew we wanted our kids to grow up with siblings.

Fast forward to late October 2016 we both really started to feel God lay on our hearts together as a couple that it was time to actually start trying for another baby again. We had been tossing the idea around for a couple months at that point but it wasn’t until then that we really felt Him leading us to begin this new and exciting adventure of actually trying to conceive a baby, something we didn’t get to do the first time with Annabelle. We really didn’t know how that process would go either because when we got pregnant the first time around it was something that was completely and wonderfully unexpected. It wasn’t like this time where we felt a very strong sense in both our spirits that God wanted to give us another baby and we should begin trying because it just kinda happened and that was that lol. So this time it was exciting and new to actually have those conversations and see how God had been moving in both of our hearts to united us together and begin this adventure as a couple with Him!

We had heard that it could take a few months to get a positive pregnancy test and since this was our first time actually trying to conceive we weren’t really sure what to expect. So we prayed over it and said “Alright God! We’re going to listen and the rest of this journey, however that make come to look, is in your hands!” and gave it to him!

Well, it was the early morning of Sunday, November 27th. We had just had a very fun, busy Thanksgiving weekend together with our family. We had successfully hosted our first Thanksgiving (a personal dream of mine ever since I was a littler girl and would help my grandma make Thanksgiving dinner), did some Black Friday shopping with my sister and went to choose and cut down our family Christmas Tree with Annabelle for the first time as well as visit with Santa at the tree farm. Matt and I were laying in bed while I was breastfeeding Annabelle and all the sudden I got this very strong, very intense need to go to the bathroom, to the point where I felt I literally couldn’t wait. As soon as Annabelle was finished eating I pretty much jumped out of bed and ran to our bathroom. We had some pregnancy tests sitting on our bathroom counter. I had taken one just a few days before hand because my period had been a couple days lat but it had actually came back negative which kinda bummed us out. I thought why not take one more though just for good measure because the last time I had such an intense urge to go to the bathroom I ended up being pregnant lol. There were also a few other signs such as super clingy puppies and I had been feeling a little moodier than normal as well. Well wouldn’t you know this time around we got a positive result! It’s funny how a few days of extra hormones running through your body can make all the difference.

Pretty much immediately I had this overwhelming sense of thankfulness and excitement that took over, coupled with a bit of disbelief that we actually were able to get pregnant on our first try because just a couple nights beforehand we had gotten that false negative, given it to God all over again and determined we would just try again next month. I remember sitting in the bathroom for what seemed like forever staring in amazement at the test and then looking up at myself in the mirror with what seemed like the biggest, goofiest grin and thinking I had to find a way to pull it together if I wanted to have a shot at surprising Matt with the news later that afternoon after church instead of just blurting it out the moment I was to come out of the bathroom. He knows me so well and would totally know that something was up if I came out with such an elated expression plastered on my face. lol So I took a couple minutes to collect myself, thank God for this new little life and answering our prayers and then did my best to keep my cool and act like nothing was up or out of the ordinary around Matt the rest of the morning lol.

I could barely wait to get home from church that afternoon and surprise Matt with the news that I had known all morning! Before we got home I asked him to swing by Kohls really quickly. I had seen an outfit there when I went Black Friday shopping with my sister that I thought would have been so cute for Annabelle if we had been pregnant. It was a pink long sleeved onesie that said Best Sister Ever on the front with a pair of floral matching bottoms. Annabelle was asleep in her carseat which gave me the perfect opportunity to just run in really quickly by myself. I told Matt there was an exchange I needed to make which was true.. but little did he know  I also needed to make that special purchase as well! Well wouldn’t you know Kohls had sold out of her size. So when I got back in the care I asked Matt if he would mind stopping by Babies R Us so I could look for some Christmas pj’s for Annabelle.. which we were able to find, as well as that same cute outfit I had seen in Kohls in Annabelle’s size! 🙂

When we finally got home I took Annabelle upstairs to change her diaper and put her in her new outfit while Matt made lunch for the three of us. While he was cooking Annabelle and I worked on a quick little scavenger hunt where I put different cards around special places in our home that signified the progression of our relationship over the past 9 years. Then I sat Annabelle in her crib with a handful of puffs and her favorite book and told Matt he had to take a break from cooking because we had been working on a special early Christmas gift for him! Thankfully I am married to a man who is super go with the flow and enjoys being spontaneous or my on the whim surprises wouldn’t go over so well. Matt spent the next couple minutes obliging me and letting me follow him around with a video camera as he went looking around our house from clue to clue that eventually lead him to Annabelle’s bedroom where she was patiently waiting in her crib for him with a special message written on her shirt!

The moment Matt went in to see Annabelle he got the same elated, excited grin across his face that I had on mine that morning and said “Are you Serious!!” as soon as he picked her up and read her shirt… to which the only reply I could give was excited giggles. lol He then ran over to me with Annabelle in his arms and started hugging and kissing me with that same sweet excited smile. I pointed him to his last clue and his “early Christmas present” which was a little box that I had wrapped the pregnancy test from that morning in. He opened it up and again that same smile flashed across his face as he held it in his hands.

We spent the rest of the day decorating our home for Christmas and day dreaming about this precious new life that was to come into our family to which Matt confessed to me that he had a gut feeling all along that we were pregnant, even after we got that first false negative! It was one of the sweetest moments from this pregnancy for sure.


Come back tomorrow as we wrap up this 2-part series and tell the story of how we told our closest friends and family that God was adding another sweet baby to our crew.

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

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