We found out we were pregnant with this little Sweet P on Thanksgiving weekend, which was the beginning of the holiday season. So it made for a really opportune time to tell all our friends and family we were expecting.  Maybe because it was our first time being pregnant but with Annabelle we really felt the need to do everything by the book, to wait and tell everyone after we had things confirmed at our first doctors appointment and then not to announce it on social media until we were past the first trimester, but for one reason or another we just couldn’t wait to share our news with everyone this time around and didn’t feel that need! So we pretty much shared that we were expecting this little one at the very first opportunity we got with all our closest friends and family, which just happened to be Annabelle’s 1st birthday party. We didn’t want the news of our pregnancy to take away from any of the joy surrounding Annabelle’s birthday though so we waited till the very end of the party to share it with everyone.

After all the games had been played, the cake had been smashed, songs had been sung and presents had been opened we pulled out one last gift from Matt and I to give to Annabelle. It was the outfit that she had worn the day I told Matt a couple weeks earlier that we were going to be having another baby. We let Annabelle open the present and then exclaimed to everyone that Annabelle was going to be a Big Sister because we were giving her a sibling in August 2017!

Our friend group had a little bit of a baby boom for 2016-2017!
Annabelle with the first pictures we ever got of baby sweet p!

It was so fun to watch the news wash over the room and all the excitement fill our home as all our nearest and dearest joined in with our enthusiasm for our Annabelle that she was going to be getting the present of a lifetime, the gift that just keeps on giving, her very first brother or sister!

Well, we hope you all have enjoyed reminiscing with Matt and I over this pregnancy! Hard to believe that any day now this little girl will be here with us! We are so ready and excited to meet our 2nd sweet daughter and to start this next chapter in our family with both our girls!

Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair

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