Not that we owe anyone an explanation about where we’ve been…. but we kinda feel like we owe our readers an explanation about where we’ve been  lol

In short, we’ve been b.u.s.y!

We have been learning to manage life with 2 kids – 2 and under and let me tell you, it is no joke! Between family life (both immediate and extended), friendships (both old and new), growing our faith and our marriage there just hasn’t been a whole lot extra time to give… and truth be told the extra time we had we mostly wanted to spend catching up on sleep since Emmaline just started sleeping through the night a couple weeks ago lol

bedtime prayers, cuddles and story time for these two princess sweet P’s and their daddy after a long days work
welcome home Eskimo kisses
a little light reading after a long day at the office
end of day hugs and kisses


On top of life with a new(ish) baby in the family (does anyone else feel like you blinked and the past 8 months have just disappeared before your eyes or is it just the sleep deprivation over here in The Pomeroy household that has us feeling that way lol) Blair has been running her business full time out of our home while watching those little sweet P’s of ours and Matt has been climbing that corporate latter like a mad man! Nothing like having more people to provide for (and more college funds to, well you know, fund lol) to make you get your hustle on, am I right?!? lol

our two sweetest reasons for working so hard, to provide a life and future for these two blessings

Yall probably noticed that the blog got a major overhaul as well, which is another thing that was on the “to-do” list for a while now since the last time we really updated the look of it, it was just the two of us and we were both still college students living in Lexington, KY going to UK (WOW! LOOOOONG time ago!)! So that was very needed since our life has changed so much since that time (hello 2 degrees, 2 moves, 2 career changes and 2 kids laters! lol).

not young wipper snapper no more lol
Matt and the girls building a computer to mine bitcoin, one of Matt’s new(er) hobbies. I guess you could say they’re a couple of Kentucky bitcoin miners daughters.. it ain’t coal but it is lucrative lol

Anyway, we’re glad you’re still here following along with us, and we’re glad to be back after a little bit of a hiatus! Keep coming back and popping in for a visit from time to time to catch up on all the ins and outs of our daily life, traveling escapades and home renovations/DIY projects!

we’re happy you’re here from all 6 of us!

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair


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