I feel like monthly updates (as far as the blog is concerned) kinda went out the window for our 2nd little sweet P, but alas that is just the beginning of things that were different when it came to having a new baby this time around in our family since we also had a toddler on our hands to keep up with as well.

I think people should give grace just as they want to be given grace not just to others but to theirselves.. and that is a principle that I don’t just want to say but practice as well in my own life with my own self.

So here is Emmaline’s version of monthly updates.. really more like 2/3 of a year updates lol

Welcome to the world Emmaline Larain

Measurements – Emmaline has been hanging out around the 3rd percentile for the past 8 months. To be honest there was a bit of a scare with her weight toward the beginning of her life. Our doctor was concerned that she wasn’t gaining enough because she was so small, but after about a month of weight checks and watching her closely we saw that she was on her own little growth pattern, and gaining at her own rate which was just right for her.  She may be on the petite side of things (like her big sister) she is healthy for who God has created her to be and that is all that matters to us.
I will say this though for being teenie she has some great baby rolls which we love to squeeze and kiss and they honestly give us peace of mind that she is a healthy baby girl even when she is on the smaller side of things because if there truly was an issue with her size that would be concerning to her health weight wise she would have those perfectly chunky little thighs! 🙂

The last 8 months of monthly update picture for Emmalines floral themed baby book

Highlights – There honestly are waaay to many of these to recount in the past 8 month of Emmalines life! So I’m just going to recap them to the best of my current recollection.

  • Emmalines birthday and getting to actually meet her / introduce her to Annabelle and our other close family and friends
  • Bringing her home from the hospital and starting our life as a family of 4
  •  Maternity/Paternity leave. We got to spend the first 8 weeks of Emmalines life together as a family before Matt had to return to work, which was huge for us when it came to bonding us together as a family
  • Family road trips to Pennsylvania and Tennessee to visit family!
  • All the first holidays we had with her and watching her fall asleep while practicing sitting up while watching A White Christmas with her momma.
  •  Learning to roll over.. finally after 5 months! Our little cuddle bug just alway preferred (and still does to this day) to be on her stomach, specifically cuddling with someone if she could.
  • Taking her to see her first movie in the Theater (Star Wars no less! lol)
  •  Moving from our bedroom to her nursery after 6 months of sleeping next to momma in the cradle.
  • Learning to give kisses back to her momma, daddy and sister
  •  Learning to sit up all on her own!!!
  • Eating solid food and watching Annabelle feed her for the first time!
  • Sleeping through the night for the first time in 8  months!
  • All the cuddles… because the snuggles are strong with this one lol
Annabelle & Emmaline meeting for the first time. My heart still explodes with happiness at the thought of this moment
The best morning view our first morning home with Emmaline
bring Emmaline home… you can just see the excitement Annabelle had for having her little sister home!
Daddy holding both of his girls for the first time ❤
All the fun holidays
Falling asleep while watching A White Christmas
Making faces just like momma
Daddy reading The Bible and praying with both his girls for the first time

Yep.. that pretty much sums it up! 🙂

Best Moments – There has been so many wonderful moments in the past 8 months. Emmalines birthday, witnessing Annabelle and Emmaline meet for the first time, bringing Emmaline home and starting life as a family of 4, the first night Emmaline (as well as her parents lol) slept through the night after nearly 8 months of not sleeping through the night lol but I think by far the best moments from Emmalines life thus far can be summed up in one general overarching theme of a moment…

The way these two look at eachother ❤

The best moment hands down has been getting to see Annabelle and Emmaline’s relationship bloom and watching the love and friendship they have for one another grow with each passing day they spend together.  I am convinced now as a mother of two that (as a parent) there really is nothing better in the whole wide world then getting to witness your children truly love/like one another. It’s the best thing on earth to see the people you love so much love one another as well.


2 sisters just having fun together

Worst Moments – In all honesty (because that is part of what this blog is all about, being genuine) the worst part of these past 8 months was definitely the lack of sleep we got as a whole. I could sit here and tell you that our 2nd daughter was an amazing sleeper from the very beginning. I could say that we never had any bumps in the road on the way to a peaceful nights sleep in The Pomeroy house the 2nd time around, or I could just remain silent and let you believe those two statements are true… but 1 – We are not  liars… and doing any of those things would make us  just that. and 2 – what good would that do anyone.

sleeping in her daddy’s arms

The beautiful thing about having struggles in life is that God can use them to heal you and help others as well.  So if nothing else I sure hope that sharing the fact that our baby did not like to sleep through the night till she was 8 months old but much rather prefered to have a middle of the night cuddle/nursing session with her momma every night, a few times a night, will make you feel like you’re not alone. That it is normal and okay in this phase of life to be tired and for your baby to be the cutest little root cause of that exhaustion in your household… and that even though they are precious, you love cuddling with them and you love them dearly it is totally okay to look forward to the day when they do finally sleep through the night… and so do you! 🙂

asleep in her mommas arms at 2 months old and sleeping in her mommas arms at 8 months old…. if I’m going to be awake in the middle of the night at least I have this sweet angelic face with her thick long eyelashes, dark brown hair, rosy little cheeks and rosebud lips to stare at ❤
Well good morning! First time waking her up after she slept all night long! Notice she doesn’t have just 1, but 2 pacis! lol

So there you have it. The in’s and outs of the last 8 wonderful months in our sweet Emmalines life.

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair

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