As previously stated in our last blog we are admittedly family picture and home video addicts.. and our addiction is serious! lol We basically could spend days upon days watching old videos and looking at old pictures from the past. We are those people that when you invite us over we will take a serious interest in your family coffee table books that you put out for display.. if you let us of course lol

This next collection of picture we’ve decided to share with you all comes from back in the late summer of 2016 when Annabelle was just an 8 month old babe. It’s hard to believe how much our oldest girl has changed in just a couple of years! The time sure flies!

Anyways before we get too gushy over here lets just go ahead and share our faves of her at this season of life! We hope you enjoy looking back on our first little Princess Sweet P with us during this time in her life and remembering what she looked like with her sweet little 2 teeth grin, fine strawberry blonde baby wisps and of course her famously captivating baby blues!

Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair








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