I love looking back and reminiscing over past seasons of life. Seeing what people looked like during a certain time in their lives and getting to see what phase they were going through and who they went through it with. As a child one of my favorite past times was to look through my families photo albums or to watch old home videos of my loved ones, with my loved ones… I guess that really hasn’t changed much though because looking through albums and watching those same home videos is still one of my favorite things to do to this day… only now  I get to enjoy them with my kids!

This is probably why I love pictures so much  because its a portal to the past to see what life was like then. In our day and age its really easy to never put together an album of photos but instead just leave them on social media, at least I know that can be the case for me. So at the beginning of the year I made a resolution to start making albums that my family and I can actually physically look through together because for us it’s important to have photos of our loved ones accessible to our children, for them to see, and to be apart of showing and telling them about their family and their history.

So far this has been a successful venture and we’ve made 3 albums just in this year alone!  I was looking through one of those albums with Annabelle the other day. (It seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because she definitely has a passion for looking at photos and hearing about the people, places and events that were taking place at the time they were captured. It’s one of her favorite things to do right now for sure. )We were looking at some family pictures we had taken a year or so ago when we were pregnant with Emmaline and when she was only 17 months old. That got me thinking about how I never shared those on the blog but that it might be a fun thing to do, and possibly make a little series out of.

So to kick this thing off I thought we’d start with the batch of family photos that generated the idea.. Emmalines Maternity Photos taken back in the beginning of summer 2017 when we were around 30 weeks pregnant with her!

These are just a few of our favorite from that season of life! Looking at them instantly takes me right back to that sweet time in our family when we were awaiting the arrival of our 2nd daughter while simultaneously soaking in the last few weeks as a family a three and Annabelle being an only child!

We hope you enjoyed reminiscing over Annabelle’s sweet little Strawberry Blonde baby curls and big blue eyes, Matts adorably excited/ elated expressions and Blair’s ever growing belly during this phase in our family with us!

Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair


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