On one hand it feels as though this first year of Emmaline’s life flew by and on the other hand we have so many beautiful memories that there’s no way all this life could have been lived just yesterday.  There have been long sleepless nights followed by tired days fueled by lots of coffee. There have been moments where all four of our hands (both mine and Matts) were full literally and hypothetically speaking. There were moments when we were spread more thin than we ever knew we could be…but in those moments we had also never been happier in our entire lives!  In those moments we found a new reliance on our God and each other.  On those days when our hands were so full they couldn’t seem to hold another object, our hearts were also  full with more love then we ever thought was humanly possible to experience…. and then somehow the next day would come and with it there would be even more love to share and watch grow in our family whether it was between Emmaline & Matt, Matt & Annabelle, Annabelle & Emmaline, Emmaline & me or me & Matt.

So I put together a little video to celebrate Emmaline and all the beautiful ways she has forever impacted and made our lives so much better this past year. To share some of our favorite memories of her and to remember how wonderful it all was. To remind myself  that these are the times that the good stuff in life is made up of.

Emmaline you are observant, smart, gentle natured, funny, bashful at first but full of life around those you know well, even tempered, curious about the world around you, dainty in all your mannerisms and o so undeniably sweet.

Happy 1st Birthday Emmaline Larain Pomeroy. You are more loved than you can ever even begin to imagine!

We love you,
Momma, Daddy & Annabelle


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