The past 4 months of Emmaline’s life have went so fast! It’s hard to believe that we no longer have a baby and a toddler, but instead 2 toddlers…. I feel like I need to say that again just to wrap my head around it, and in slow motion… TWO TODDLERS!

Measurements – Emmaline is still on the petite side if the scale, but is just right for her, weighing in at 15 pounds even and 25 inches in length! She is our little small fry. They say good things come in small packages, and that is definitely the case in our little Emmaline’s life.

Highlights – Well for starters she has gotten much more mobile in the past 4 months. Emmalines favorite thing to do now is to walk anywhere and everywhere with the help of her momma, daddy, big sister, or whoever is close enough to be her support system. She is so close to walking it’s insane! All she really needs is to get her balance down and then there will be no slowing her down. She also has become much more exploratory. Emmy is still very much our little inquisitive watcher but she now likes to reach out and grab things that she once loved to sit and think about. She has also gotten very communicative and loves to say “hi” as well as wave hello/bye bye and clap for others, especially her big sister!

Best Moments – Definitely the best moment of these past was taking Emmaline on our first family vacation to the beach this year. While we were there she loved watching her sister play in the sand and water (she wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of them herself), and napping in the beach tent! We also took a trip up to the Tampa Zoo as well as to Disney World with some of our closest friends which she also loved.

Worst  Moments – Definitely the worst moment of these past 8 months have been dealing with Emmalines eczema. She has such sensitive skin and it really flared up when the weather started to get warmer. Thankfully it was able to be helped by just applying lotion more regularly and using soaps and other body products that are fragrance free and specifically designed for sensitive skin. We have become a big fan of Dove Baby’s Sensitive Line. It is the only lotion and soap that has worked for our little Emmy’s dry skin.

Much love & prayer

Matt & Blair

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