Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most sacred  and important things you can do with your partner while you are pregnant. It’s something that is not to be taken lightly as you will be giving this child one of the most important parts of their identity that will follow them through out the rest of their lifetime. Matt and I have had the honor of choosing names now twice for both of our daughters. It is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant with him and we throughly enjoy the process of giving our babies names that we believe they will not only enjoy but cherish and grow into as they grow up.When we found out that Emmaline was a little girl it was fairly easy for us to come up with a name for her because we had already come up with a list of little girl names that we both liked just a year and a half before hand when we were pregnant for the first time with her older sister Annabelle. So all we really had to do was go back through that list of names we had chosen previously and decide which ones we still liked and which ones we had changed our minds on… and at the top of that list was the name Emma.

We still loved that name but had heard that it was at the top of the baby names list in the United States for the past 5 years (which our research confirmed, and for a good reason because it is a beautiful, sweet name), and even though we only knew of one other Emma personally we didn’t know if we named our little girl Emma would have to also go by her last name, or have a handful of other Emma’s in her graduating class one day.  So even though we really liked that name we started looking into alternatives, and that when we came across the name Emmaline.

We absolutely adored it! It was similar enough to Emma but was a completely different name and actually wasn’t even popular in the United States (her name currently ranks at number #896 on the list of popular baby names). We loved that she wouldn’t have to share her name with potentially a handful of other people during her school years but one day if she wanted to shorten it down to a nickname could potentially also go by the name Emma one day if she wanted too. We love that it would give her a long formal name to use on her wedding day, graduation day or other significant days in her life but the flow of if was still just a sweet and graceful as any other more casual name. The meaning of it also seemed to fit her personality perfectly. Emmaline means peaceful, and  that was exactly what she was in my belly, and has been since the day she was born – peaceful.On a side note it amazes me how children (our kids at least) seems to inherently fit their names by nature. Annabelle’s name means loveable and joyful and Emmaline’s means peaceful and whole, and both of our girls spirit fit those names exactly. God must of just known the perfect names to fit their personalities and dropped them into our minds.

As soon as we found out the meaning of Emmaline’s name there was no doubt in our minds that was what we were suppose to call our 2nd daughter.

The middle name was even easier to choose then the first because Matt and I had actually decided long ago that if we had two little girls we would name our first after my grandmother Jane to honor my side of the family, and the second one Larain after Matt’s mother to honor his side of the family. Emmaline Larain had the perfect sound to it too, it just flowed off the tongue so perfectly, and Annabelle Jane and Emmaline Larain sounded like a pair of sweet little sisters together, it was perfect. We loved how their middles names rhymed, and how their first names were similar styles and that no matter what their futures held they would always sound like sisters, because they will always be sisters.Larain in and of itself has a very special meaning in Matt’s family as well. Not only does it happen to be one the most kindest, God honoring, caring and selfless people we knows middle name, Matts mom, but it also has a rich history in his family. You might notice that the spelling is a bit different than the traditional form. That’s because Matt’s grandmother decided to honor her mother and father when she heard a spelling of the name Larain that carried both forms of their names! Her fathers name was Lars and her mothers name was Aina. So she put them together, Lar-ain to make Larain!

And there we had it! Emmaline Larain – the perfect name for our 2nd sweet, peaceful little daughter.
Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair


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