last 90 challenge

I’ve jumped on the band wagon so to speak. I am a fan of Rachel Hollis, Dave Hollis, The Hollis Company, The Rise and Rise Together Podcast … as well as of course, you probably guessed it, the book Girl Wash Your Face. It all started when I went with some friend to see Rachel Hollis’ documentary Made For More a couple months ago and I have been fan girling ever since! They recently mentioned on a podcast  a challenge they are doing called “last 90”. The idea is that you spend the last 90 days being just as intentional as you are about the 1st 30 days of a new year. I loved this idea! I love the idea of not waiting till the start of a new year to be the best version of yourself, but instead starting right where you are to be the person you want to be right now. So I’m doing the challenge. Instead of waiting till the new year to make resolutions I’m going to spend the last 90 days being as intentional as I possibly can be about being the woman I want to be, being the best mother, the best wife, the best friend that I possibly can be in any given moment. This doesn’t mean I won’t slip up, because after all if your breathing (and I am) then your human (.. which again, I am lol). What it does mean is that I am going to set some goals and do my best to follow through with turning them into habits to come just a little bit closer to being my best self.

The 5 Goals 

  1. Get up an hour earlier each day – I need to practice self care, but being a mom, wife and business owner very rarely leaves any extra time in my schedule. I had the realization though that I am not going to get more hours in the day. I have the same 24 hours in my day as everyone else. So its up to me to make the most of my time because I am not going to get more of it, and life is only going to get busier as I live longer. So by getting up an hour earlier and using that time to take care of myself is how I am going to do this. I can spend this hour doing anything (going to the gym, taking a hot yoga class, reading, journaling, painting my toe nail and/or sipping coffee of course lol..) whatever I want to do as long as it’s taking care of me, whatever that means in that day.
  2. Drink your water – They say your supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces of water..  so that’s what I’m going to do. Hydrate and stay hydrated!
  3. Move. – This one is pretty straight forward. It doesn’t matter how I do it but I’m going to move more everyday whether it’s taking a yoga class, going on a walk or a run or just playing with my kids at the park.
  4. Be grateful – I’d say I’m in general a pretty grateful person and that I see the glass of my life as half full even in the hard times, but I want to practice being a grateful person in the specifics of life.  So the goal is that at the beginning of the day I am going to write down 5 specfic things from the day before that I am grateful for. They are going to be details (like a great cup of coffee, a rainy day that felt snuggly or the brisk fall air that made a walk extra nice), not broad generalizations (like my marriage, family and career) because I want to be intentional about focusing on the daily gifts God gives me not just the overall arching big ones that I’ve been blessed with and I am obviously thankful for.
  5. Give up the junk – Choose one food group that you know isn’t good for you, and give. it. up. I’m choosing sweets. I have a massive sweet tooth and my addiction is pretty hard pressed to break! This is not saying I am not going to have a piece of birthday cake on my birthday, a Reese’s pumpkin on Halloween or a piece of my mother in laws famous pecan pie at Thanksgiving but that I am going to limit these treats to just that treats on special occasions no more than 1 time a week, and possibly less if I can help it.

Do you want to join me on my quest to be the best version of yourself that you can be! Awesome! We start October 1st and if you want can either tailor these goals to fit you personally or just make it more simple by promising to intentionally trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be and finish 2018 even stronger than you started it! I have a feeling that by doing so it will kick off 2019 to a pretty great start too.

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair


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