We love all the season, but there’s something special about fall. Maybe its the cool “sweater weather” after a hot summer or the changing of the leaves. Maybe its the fact that it’s the precursor to the holiday season, but whatever the reason fall always seems like an extra cozy time; and thats what we enjoy so much about it. It’s a great time to make memories with family and friends while also enjoying the seasonal things that you can only do during this time of the year. There are so many wonderful autumn activities to do too, and so many fun ideas out there for ways to make the most of this season. But if your family is anything like ours we have a lot of different moving parts going on these days with 4 different schedules. That can make it a bit challenging to complete those amazing fall bucket lists that we see on the internet that are super fun but also super detailed. So we decided to streamline it and make our own fall bucket list consisting of 5 simple fall traditions that our family loves to do together. These are our tope 5 things. The 5 activities that if we’re not able to do anything else this fall (outside of holiday traditions of course), if we have completed these 5 things we will feel like we thoroughly embraced the season and got to participate in all the fall goodness! Bonus – some of them can be completed simultaneously! So if you’re really busy this time of year you could potentially put on a crockpot of chili for dinner (#2) before heading out to visit both a pumpkin patch/apple orchard (#1 &3) then come home and carve the pumpkins you picked (#5) before having your chili dinner by a bonfire in the backyard that night (#1 & #4). It’s multitasking at it’s finest lol

So if your family is anything like ours in this hectic season of raising little kiddos right now we hope you’re able to utilize our bucket list or find inspiration to create your own simple fall bucket list for your family this year and give yourself grace when you can’t complete all the things but can make sure to enjoy your top 5 favorite ones! 🙂

Much love & prayer,
Matt & Blair


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