These past 30 days could be summed up into one word – intentional. For the last month we have been living with just as much intention towards our spiritual growth, our health, our relationship and our family as we do at the beginning of the year. I say we because when Matt heard about my plan to live with high intention in these areas with the goal of being the best version of me possible each day he was on board and wanted to do it to… which actually really helps. Having each other as an accountability partner to cheer one another on or help troubleshoot areas in the process and hone them to make them run smoother has been a game changer. I know without a shadow of a doubt that doing this without him would have been a lot harder.

So how are we doing you might ask….

1, Get up an hour earlier each day – This one has been a game changer! It has been the catalyst that has made some of these other areas possible. Matt & I both work full time so if we don’t wake up early in the morning to spend time on self care then we aren’t going to get time for ourselves that day.. and that’s just not healthy for anyone. At first it was pretty hard. We had to really work at waking up at 5am. We both set loud, annoying alarms, Matt even had an alarm on his phone that made him do math to turn it off to wake up and we also have some fancy switch that turns on our bedroom lights automatically so we cant sleep in even if we wanted too lol But now it’s become our new normal and if we sleep in the rest of the day feels off kilter. We get to start our days with The Lord, with each other & with ourselves which in turn has turned every day into a much more productive one.

2. Drink your water – Definitely the easiest one of all the challenges, mainly because I was already a pretty good water drinker before I started this challenge.. whats really made the difference for me though in keeping track of my consumption is getting a water bottle that I refill about 3 times a day. It has helped me better track the amount of ounces I am taking in daily.

3. Move – I set an new PR this month! I ran a 5K! Might not seem like a big deal to some but for me (a self professed running hater! lol) this is huge! running a 5K is something I have said I wanted to be able to do for years!.. and this month I did it! It might have been slow compared to some, but the only person I should be comparing myself to is the past me anyways.. and I’m kicking her non-running butt. lol

4. Be grateful – This practice has changed my life. Before this month I would have considered myself a grateful person. I would have said that I see the glass as half full in life, but more so in the big picture things. Sitting down each morning and taking time to recall specifics from the day before of Gods goodness, favor and grace on my life, marriage and family has radically changed the ins and outs of my day.

  • I am calmer because I start each day from a place of solitude & peace.
  • I have more joy because I start each day from a place of remembering all the good in my life & the world around me
  • I am more content because I start each day recounting my blessings & all that I have been given.
  • I am more centered because I start each day from a grounding reality of all the goodness and faithfullness God has had towards me in my life specifically.

These emotions have transferred over into every area of my life. I notice on the days that I don’t start my day with prayer and gratitude now that I am not as centered, that I feel hurried. That I am not as focused on finding the little things or moments that bring me joy and therefore that I am not as happy. That I am more likely to look outside my own gifts and want what God has given others instead of being thankful for what He has given me.  I notice on the days that I don’t start my day with prayer and gratitude that I am not the best mom, wife or woman that I could be and I like functioning at my optimum level for myself, my family and my God.

5. Give up the junk – This one has definitely been the most challenging. It has for sure been the area I have struggled in the most…. because gurl has a sweet tooth like no other.. and hello it’s holiday season! I definitely have averaged more than one dessert a week for the most part.. so this area is a work in progress. But I have also been able to say no thank you when I really don’t want something sweet too.. though that has been far and few between if I am being honest lol.. but progress is progress. At the end of the day it’s not about the people who start and stick to a plan perfectly … it’s about the people who after facing failure choose to get back up, re-strategize and keep going. Perfection is unattainable and if you go in with that as your expectation when you do eventually fail (because you’re human) you will feel guilty and give up, instead of giving yourself grace and going forward. So I have had a few more desserts then I planned on but instead of giving up on reigning in my massive sweet tooth, I evaluated my weaknesses and have made plans to compensate for them in the future… it’s a trial and error process, and I’ll keep going through these steps until I find my balance and what makes it work for me.

We hope this was encouraging and that it gave you new inspiration to live your life to the fullest and to the best.

And if you want to join us on this journey just pick up right where you are because it is never too late to start doing something good for yourself or others.

Much love & prayer,

Matt & Blair



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